Friday, October 29, 2010


Halloween is coming this weekend. Are you going to have a Halloween party? If you do have a party, I have some suggestions for the food and beverage of the Halloween theme. All from Martha Stewart. Click on the title of the beverage or the food to get the recipe. This time..I really mean it, don't judge something by its cover. Just because the food and the beverage look really scary, that doesn't mean the taste is bad...On the contrary, the taste will always be good..hey it's all from Martha Stewart anyway. Happy Halloween and Have a Great weekend =)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Each day with Spirit..

Wise people and our parents always say that we have to always be thankful when we are able to open our eyes in the morning and see the sunshine. I guess it's true, even if you're having the worst day, you can always leave it behind and start a new day tomorrow with new hope and new energy. How can we always up to new and energized thoughts and feelings? That's derived from having new spirits. Here's a little list that you can use to start each brand new day with freshen up spirit. I always believe that if you start your morning with a good mood, the rest of your day will be a good day too=)

Five ways to live each day 'in Spirit.'

1. Commit to at least one daily experience where you share something of yourself with no expectation of being acknowledged or thanked. It doesn’t matter if this activity is big or small—it’s a way to begin the day in-Spirit.

2. Become conscious of all thoughts that aren’t aligned with your Source. The moment you catch yourself excluding someone or having a judgmental thought, say the words “in-Spirit” to yourself. Then make a silent effort to shift that thought to match up with Source energy.

3. In the morning before you’re fully awake, and again as you’re going to sleep, take one or two minutes of what I call “quiet time with God.” Be in a state of appreciation and say aloud, “I want to feel good.”

4. Remind yourself of this statement: My life is bigger than I am. Print it out and post it strategically in your home, car, or workplace. The “I” is your ego identification. Your life is Spirit flowing through you unhindered by ego—it’s what you showed up here to actualize—and is infinite. The “I” that identifies you is a fleeting snippet.

5. Dedicate your life to something that reflects an awareness of your Divinity. You are greatness personified, a resident genius, and a creative master—regardless of anyone’s opinion. Make a silent dedication to encourage and express your Divine nature.
(article by Wayne Dyer from beliefnet - images via deviantart, flickr)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cute Straw..

Lately I've been falling in LOVE with those retro stripes straws. It's not just a regular straw but it's a kind of straw that can give your drink a great accessory. It will make you beverage look prettier =) You can use it for a wedding party, birthday party, baby shower, brunch or any kind of other occasion. Look at the images below, don't you think the straw has been able to make such a good job to the drink?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Your life in order...

Some of the things that you can do on the weekend...Here are 50 tips to get your life back in order from Don't worry, those are not difficult tips. In fact, those are 50 easy tips that we often do daily but somehow we don't realize that those things can be useful. I have chosen some of my fave points out of the 50 points. So, what are those tips? Here goes..

50 Ways to Get Your Life in Order

  1. Mentally prepare yourself for change by visualizing your ideal self. Who do you admire the most? How do you envision yourself in the future? Who do you want to be? Visualize yourself to be that person.
  2. Start each day with a clear to-do list along with your cup of morning coffee.Knowing what you need to do in the day ahead helps keep you on track.
  3. Take up a mental exercise. Crossword puzzles, Sudoku, or other word games along these lines are more than just a good way to pass time. They have been shown in studies to help improve overall mental capabilities.
  4. Spend time with yourself each day. Susan Taylor states that “spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order.”
  5. Speak and act with honesty. Are you able to stand by what you do and say? If not, it may be time to reexamine your own words and learn to articulate your thoughts in an open, honest way. This helps eliminate mistakes down the road.
  6. Drink at least 6 cups of water per day. Staying hydrated helps keep energy levels up.
  7. Clear some time each day to do nothing. As a child, I remember that we had “free time” scheduled into our school activities every day. This could be used for reading, drawing, or simply staring into space if that’s what we felt like doing. What a novel idea, and one that keeps the brain at ease.
  8. Learn from past mistakes and move forward with your life. Get your life in order by looking forward, not back.
  • Read the rest of the points made by Mark Foo - HERE
(list by Mark Foo froml - image sources:,

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am falling in love with Chloé Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The main reason why I love it is because of the colors of the the collection, most of the colors are black, nude color and white. All are my favorite colors. From the Paris runway, here are some collections that I am falling in love with.

(image sources: &

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pencil and Eraser..

A short story to be pondered. Do you realize that there are so many stories that we can learn from pencil and eraser? This is one of the many life lesson stories.

Pencil: I'm sorry

Eraser: For what? You didn't do anything wrong.

Pencil: I'm sorry cos you get hurt bcos of me. Whenever I made a mistake, you're always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You are getting smaller and smaller each time.

Eraser: That's true. But I don't really mind. You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong. Even though one day, I know I'll be gone and you'll replace me with a new one, I'm actually happy with my job. So please, stop being worried. I hate seeing you sad.

(image source: flickr)

Saying things..

Read the statement above and think. Do you think it's true? I think it's very true, true in a way that it really applies at least once in our lifetime. If you have those two above options, which one would you choose? Saying something and wishing you had not or saying nothing and wishing you had? If someone asked me the answer of my option, I would have no idea which one I would choose. I sometimes can be outspoken but on the other times I can be very quite too, maybe it's because I am a Gemini, it's like having two people inside your body. But I still don't know about the options above. I think both of the options in the end deal with regrets. In both case, you'll end up regretting the things you should have said or the things you shouldn't have said. As for me, still I can't find the right option to be chosen.

I leave the choice up to you and end this posting with a quote from Benjamin Franklin -

"Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place,
but far more difficult still,
to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment."

(image source: littledramaqueen.tumblr)


Do you believe in magic? What can magic do for your life? This short article shows us that we are the magic, it's us that bring our own magic into our life. Hope this can help you open a bright new week...Have a good Monday =)

The Magic Formula

Create your passion for your own existence, by creating your own magic. Get your mojo back by learning to take a step back from the quagmire of the crossed wires in your own life. Step out of the fray and onto the stars. Let magic envelop you when you are overwhelmed with the things that are the missing from your life. Replace the fear and the dullness of your life instead with magic– bythinking and feeling that you are the magic, that you are the stars.

Here’s the magic formula

  1. Still your mind
  2. Hold out your hand
  3. Think magical thoughts about what you want
  4. Let the magic dust from your mind settle onto the palm of your hand
  5. Open your eyes
  6. Look at the palm of your hand
  7. And voila – the magic of magic begins here
  8. Why? Because you dared to believe in the first place

(article source: - image sources: flickr and thrilld)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I love this conversation between Alicia and Nash from the movie "A Beautiful Mind".

Alicia: How big is the universe?
Nash: Infinite.
Alicia: How do you know?
Nash: I know because all the data indicates it’s infinite.
Alicia: But it hasn’t been proven yet.
Nash: No.
Alicia: You haven’t seen it.
Nash: No.
Alicia: How do you know for sure?
Nash: I don’t, I just believe it.
Alicia: It’s the same with love I guess.

Swing inside..

This morning I stumbled upon the interior of one loft on amanda-thomas and I couldn't help but post those images. The reason why I made this posting of course because I love the decor but them main thing I love about the decor is the swing inside the loft. The swing is painted in blue and it's located just in front of the cute. Who would've thought a swing would look so perfect inside the house =) Not just that, but all the interior decor as a whole is really eclectic. Looks like the owner wasn't afraid to mix various furniture in one open space...Love it..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


What do you think about perfection? Is there really someone out there full of perfection? I am not sure about it. I do believe that each one of us has our own level of perfection. I'm not saying that we can't have something that has a full perfection or be someone who's a perfectionist. I just think that if we always try to be someone who is a 100% perfectionist, we can never truly appreciate of what we have now. But that does not mean that we should stop trying. Trying is always a good effort of reaching into perfection. Just remember to know when we already reach our limit=) But then again, one thing very imporant to be remembered... nothing is impossible.

I found this article about perfection on SELF.COM. It was written by

Are you a perfectionist?

How to be happy withou

t being perfect.

1. Retrain your brain. Pay close attention to any thoughts that contain words such as must, should, always and have to; these are signposts on the road to perfectionist thinking. Put each thought to the test. Is it really true? Is there another way to look at the situation?

2. Nip perfectionist thoughts at the root. When you're stressing out about a problem, take a few moments to find its origin. Let's say you're tense because your sister is coming to town. Why are you so worried about impressing your sister? Maybe because you've always felt that she thinks she's better than you. There is the root of your perfectionism. Now challenge the root thought. Often you'll find it's not actually true.

3. Say "Thank you." Perfectionists often train their brain on the negative. You can counteract this tendency by practicing a ritual called news and goods. Each evening, take a few moments to think about what new or good things happened during the day. This habit focuses your attention on what you do have and did do rather than what you don't have and didn't do.

4. Set realistic goals. This is especially important for body perfectionists, who strive for infinite self-control and discipline. Try the 80/20 eating plan: If 80 percent of what you eat is nutritious, you can afford to be slightly less careful about the other 20 percent. The same is true in other areas of your life. Suss out which tasks require intense effort and which let you coast a little.

5. Practice self-forgiveness. When you're being particularly hard on yourself, imagine what you would do if a friend called and told you that she made the same mistake you made. Then allow yourself the same respect. Think about who you're talking to: someone you care for deeply, someone who's trying her best. Stop, breathe, reflect and choose to be as gentle with yourself as you would be with your friend.

6. Prioritize your to do list. Draw clear lines between what you have to do and what you want to do. Some are have-to jobs, others are want-to tasks. Once you've split your to do list in two, take a closer look at the want tos. Are these tasks truly important? Will anybody besides you notice if they aren't done?

No one is perfect... that's why pencils have erasers. ~Author Unknown

Certain flaws are necessary for the whole. It would seem strange if old friends lacked certain quirks. ~Goethe

(article source: - image sources:,,

Monday, October 11, 2010

An Amazing Weekend...

Hi everyone =) How's your weekend? Mine was so amazing. I had a wonderful weekend. I went lunch on this very cute restaurant and went to a really big rock concert and just yesterday I had a hot stone massage. It was all a blast. Really was a refreshing weekend for me. It was able to give me lots of new energy to start a new week. Here are some of the pictures of the things I did on the weekend.

Before going to the concert, I had lunch at this really nice small restaurant called "Ketjil Kitchen". "Ketjil" in my language means "small", so "ketjil kitchen" means "small kitchen". The restaurant has only less than 50 seats but it was really lovely. The ambiance and the decor really makes you feel as if you're at home. The food was delicious and the dessert I had was so yummy, it was apple crumble =)

When the lunch was done, I went straight to the Java Rockin' Land Concerts. This year was my second time going to the concert. Last year I had a chance to watch the live performance of Third Eye Blind. This time there were three bands on the show - Dashboard Confessional, Arkarna and Stereophonics. If I could describe those bands in one word, I would say AMAZING!!!!

Hope your weekend was wonderful too =)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Table Setting..

Lately I've been browsing here and there on wedding blogs and website. Just to give me insight of the things that people need for the important party. Turns out that in the end I was in love the most with table setting and centerpiece. I found it very pretty if someone can turn a single round table into a wonderful table setting. So, I found all of the images below from the ultimate wedding web - Style Me Pretty. I love all the centerpiece and the table setting images.

(image sources: stylemepretty)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Beautiful Lie or Ugly Truth?

Look at the words below. If you get to choose, which one would you prefer - a beautiful lie or an ugly truth? I conducted a small survey just to see what most people will choose between the two options. You can see the results below. Or you can see it straight from my Tumblr, here. Around 42 people have answered and chose their option. Do you have any verdict of the result? Almost all of them chose to hear an Ugly Truth rather than a Beautiful Lie. Less than 8 people chose a beautiful lie.

And for myself, I'm with the majority. No mater what, truth always win! No matter how bad it is, I always appreciate those who speak and tell the truth, even if it hurts. The first thing I hate in this world is a liar. A lie whether it is beautiful, still a lie. Nothing about it is beautiful. How about you?

What people have chosen: