Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Country Home..

There's no such thing happier than a getaway to a country side. Don't you think so? I love being away from the busy city where I live once a while. It feels so refreshing to be able to hear nothing surrounding you. Just the sound of the nature that can be so relaxing. Below is an example of a heavenly country side retreat. It looks so good it's like a fairy tale for me. This one is located in Catabria, Spain (via)

(images via onekindesign.com)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Benefits Of Reading

I used to read book everyday. That's why I always keep up with those new books people are reading. But then I have a baby daughter now, it seems impossible to read books anymore though I really really want to read again. Anyway, I force myself yesterday on our family's day out to buy a new book for myself to read. I bought Fifty Shades Of Grey (which people talk about a lot). And this morning I started to read it. I feel so happy. Reading is like having a food to my soul. Really brighten up my whole soul. I can't read the book all day though. I try to read a chapter when I can and so on. So, here are the benefit of reading for you via Lifehack, written by Lana Winter-Hebert . Who knows there are many people like me who would love to start to read again in their spare time =) 

10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

1. Mental Stimulation
Studies have shown that staying mentally stimulated can slow the progress of (or possibly even prevent) Alzheimer’s and Dementia, since keeping your brain active and engaged prevents it from losing power. Just like any other muscle in the body, the brain requires exercise to keep it strong and healthy, so the phrase “use it or lose it” is particularly apt when it comes to your mind. Doing puzzles and playing games such as chess have also been found to be helpful with cognitive stimulation.

2. Stress Reduction
No matter how much stress you have at work, in your personal relationships, or countless other issues faced in daily life, it all just slips away when you lose yourself in a great story. A well-written novel can transport you to other realms, while an engaging article will distract you and keep you in the present moment, letting tensions drain away and allowing you to relax.

3. Knowledge
Everything you read fills your head with new bits of information, and you never know when it might come in handy. The more knowledge you have, the better-equipped you are to tackle any challenge you’ll ever face.
Additionally, here’s a bit of food for thought: should you ever find yourself in dire circumstances, remember that although you might lose everything else—your job, your possessions, your money, even your health—knowledge can never be taken from you.

4.Vocabulary Expansion
This goes with the above topic: the more you read, the more words you gain exposure to, and they’ll inevitably make their way into your everyday vocabulary. Being articulate and well-spoken is of great help in any profession, and knowing that you can speak to higher-ups with self-confidence can be an enormous boost to your self-esteem. It could even aid in your career, as those who are well-read, well-spoken, and knowledgeable on a variety of topics tend to get promotions more quickly (and more often) than those with smaller vocabularies and lack of awareness of literature, scientific breakthroughs, and global events.

Reading books is also vital for learning new languages, as non-native speakers gain exposure to words used in context, which will ameliorate their own speaking and writing fluency.

5. Memory Improvement
When you read a book, you have to remember an assortment of characters, their backgrounds, ambitions, history, and nuances, as well as the various arcs and sub-plots that weave their way through every story. That’s a fair bit to remember, but brains are marvellous things and can remember these things with relative ease. Amazingly enough, every new memory you create forges new synapses (brain pathways)and strengthens existing ones, which assists in short-term memory recall as well as stabilizing moods. How cool is that?

6. Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills
Have you ever read an amazing mystery novel, and solved the mystery yourself before finishing the book? If so, you were able to put critical and analytical thinking to work by taking note of all the details provided and sorting them out to determine “whodunnit”.

That same ability to analyze details also comes in handy when it comes to critiquing the plot; determining whether it was a well-written piece, if the characters were properly developed, if the storyline ran smoothly, etc. Should you ever have an opportunity to discuss the book with others, you’ll be able to state your opinions clearly, as you’ve taken the time to really consider all the aspects involved.

7. Improved Focus and Concentration
In our internet-crazed world, attention is drawn in a million different directions at once as we multi-task through every day. In a single 5-minute span, the average person will divide their time between working on a task, checking email, chatting with a couple of people (via gchat, skype, etc.), keeping an eye on twitter, monitoring their smartphone, and interacting with co-workers. This type of ADD-like behaviour causes stress levels to rise, and lowers our productivity.

When you read a book, all of your attention is focused on the story—the rest of the world just falls away, and you can immerse yourself in every fine detail you’re absorbing. Try reading for 15-20 minutes before work (i.e. on your morning commute, if you take public transit), and you’ll be surprised at how much more focused you are once you get to the office.

8. Better Writing Skills
This goes hand-in-hand with the expansion of your vocabulary: exposure to published, well-written work has a noted effect on one’s own writing, as observing the cadence, fluidity, and writing styles of other authors will invariably influence your own work. In the same way that musicians influence one another, and painters use techniques established by previous masters, so do writers learn how to craft prose by reading the works of others.

9. Tranquility
In addition to the relaxation that accompanies reading a good book, it’s possible that the subject you read about can bring about immense inner peace and tranquility. Reading spiritual texts can lower blood pressure and bring about an immense sense of calm, while reading self-help books has been shown to help people suffering from certain mood disorders and mild mental illnesses.

10. Free Entertainment
Though many of us like to buy books so we can annotate them and dog-ear pages for future reference, they can be quite pricey. For low-budget entertainment, you can visit your local library and bask in the glory of the countless tomes available there for free. Libraries have books on every subject imaginable, and since they rotate their stock and constantly get new books, you’ll never run out of reading materials.

(article via lifehack.org - image via weheartit)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Your Hobby And You..

Do you have any hobbies that you often do on your spare time? It is said that your hobby can actually tells about what kind of person you are. I took a short quiz on Awakening Potentials Inc. The quiz is to find out about my hobby that can reflect the true me. Here are the questions, or you can click here to go straight to the website. My score is 9 which means that I am a task-focused individual. How about you?

Take this quiz and learn what sort of success style your hobbies reveal about you:

1. If you go to the park, you more likely to spend your time:
A) Sharing a picnic with others.
B) Going for a run.
C) Reading a book.
D) Flying a kite.

2. When walking down the street, you normally:
A) Talk on your cell phone to a friend.
B) Speed walk to reach the next place faster.
C) Reflect on a conversation you had earlier.
D) Look at everything you pass and then stumble over the curb.

3. When stuck inside on a rainy day, you often:
A) Watch the television or a play a game.
B) Get unstuck with the ultimate hobby: laundry.
C) Find a cozy spot and work on your craft project.
D) Stare out the window and watch the rain drops falling.

4. While at work on your break, you can often be found:
A) At the water cooler, laughing with co-workers.
B) In front of your computer screen writing emails/checking facebook.
C) Sitting at your desk and doodling, playing Sudoku, or reading.
D) Outside on the lawn, watching the clouds.

5. On a day off you’d plan to:
A) Spend time with family or go to a party.
B) Work on your projects, then maybe hit the gym.
C) Have a cup of tea and sit on your front porch.
D) Plans? Who makes plans on their day off?

Next : add up your points.  A = 1, B =2, C = 3, D = 4

If you scored between  4 and 7, then you are probably a very people-oriented person. Mixing, sharing, and being with others is your hobby  – it’s where you feel most comfortable and relaxed.  Your success style engages easily with others and finds its strength through the relationships it builds. Your ability to sympathize and share with others is a real gift.

If you scored between 8 and 12, then you are probably a more task-focused individual. Your hobbies are typically constructive activities where you achieve an end result before moving to the next challenge. Your success style is goal oriented and you’re willing to take steps needed to reach your aims.  Others look to you to organize and maintain momentum. You are a vital member of your team; people depend on your strength and guidance.

If you scored between 13 and 16, then you’re probably an introspective learner.  Your hobbies reflect your ability to think critically and deeply about the lives of yourself and others.  Your success style is likely to be more emotion based – you feel most satisfied when your inner emotions are in tune with your outer world.

If you scored between 17 and 20 then you are probably a dreamer. Your hobbies are spontaneous activities that grab your interest, and you can move freely from one project to another regardless of completion.  Your success style revolves around flexibility and can stretch into all aspect of life. Because you ‘go with the flow’ you can adapt to handle any situation that occurs with a fresh mind and an open attitude.

(quiz via awakeningpotentialsblog.com - image via favim)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Love Rules..

A new week will be better if we can start it with a good heart. Here I am posting something that can be a reminder for us to always keep something good in our heart and in our mind. Often, small things can bring the best of many moments. Have a great Monday. 

(image via pinterest)