Friday, May 29, 2009

ricotta, green onion & green garlic gnocchi

this one looks really yummy...and the sauce hmm...looks very delicious..makes me hungry!

  • 15 oz ricotta cheese
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 3 green onions, minced
  • 3 green garlics, mince
  • 1/2 cup parmesan cheese
  • 1 1/2 to 2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 3 cups marinara sauce


  1. Put the ricotta in a sieve and place over a bowl for 15-30 minutes to drain. Discard liquid.
  2. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.
  3. In a medium bowl, combine the drained ricotta, egg, salt, pepper, green onions, green garlic and parmesan.
  4. Gradually add the flour, 1/4 cup at a time, using your hands and blending just until dough holds together. (I used 1 1/2 cups). Remove 1 teaspoon of dough and roll into a ball on a floured surface. Drop into boiling water. If the piece falls apart, add ore flour to the dough, 2 tablespoons at a time, until it will form a ball. Repeat the cook test until it doesn’t fall apart and floats to the surface.
  5. Divide the dough into 4 equal parts. On a floured surfave, using your hands, roll each section into a rope about 1 inch in diameter.
  6. Cut the rope into 1 inch long peice and slightly indent with a fork.
  7. If you’re not using the gnocchi right away, cover them with flour and store them in the refrigerator or freezer. If you’re cooking them, drop the gnocchi into the boiling water. Stir gently to prevent sticking. When the gnocchi float to the top, they are cooked. Remove with a slotted spoon to a serving bowl.
  8. Meanwhile, heat the marinara sauce. Spoon the sauce on a plate and place the gnocchi over top. Gnocchi will keep n the refrigerator for 1-2 days and for months in the freezer in an airtight container.

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before and after

Don't you love seeing 'before and after' pictures? I do. And this one is included. The celebrities with and without make up. I'm not saying that they look worse or better with make up on but to show you that with additional effort, every woman in this world can be a beautiful lady. Not too much make up of course. I'm saying that if you want to look pretty, you can. However, being pretty on the inside is much more important. What good would it be if your face is flawless but your heart is mean and full of hate? You will see yourself glowing if you feel pretty and beautiful inside.
Sharon Stone

Pamela Anderson
Eva Longoria
Britney Spears

Katherine Heigl

a Note..

I found a good blog (Gadaboutpaper) that designs a really simple but nice notecards. I always keep a notebook in my desk and in my bag because I love to list down things and to write the things that come up in my mind. Look at the drawing of each of the pretty. My fave is the first one...

Mirrored Reflection of You

I will have a lunch meeting with my friends from the college where I did my master degree tomorrow. It's been almost 5 months ago since the last time we met. And week I will have a lunch with my other group of friends. Something came up in my mind regarding friends. How many close friends do you have? How many friends do you have? Are you the kind of someone who keep just a few close friends or are you the one who can consider everyone as a friend of yours? But that doesn't matter, what I'm thinking more is this idea hmm or an issue, yeah, issue might be more appropriate. OK, so here it goes, if you are friends with some people, the relationship exists because you like the personalities of that person or is it because the other person likes your personalities. Does it take two to tango? Does it take two to make a mutual relationship? One author (Valery Satterwhite) said that relationship is a mirror reflections of us. I can say that it's true. We tend to make friends with people who are more or less the same with us. That's logical. But how does it reflect our personalities? The author of the article below opens us the writing with a quote: "Each relationship you have with another person reflects the relationship you have with yourself." - Alice Deville. Read the article below to see the depth meaning of it.

You have a lot of personal and professional relationships in your life. Some relationships are loving, satisfying, uplifting, supportive and enrich your life experience. You love spending time with these people. They motivate and inspire you. Other relationships are tense, adversarial, problematic, strained, and exhausting. You don't like, or avoid, spending time with the people who drain the life energy right out of you..

The funny thing is that all of your relationships, good and bad, are a reflection of you!How can that be?It's very simple, really. You love the good relationships that you have because these people reflect what you like about yourself. They're kind, giving, nice, loyal, fun to be with, and all of the other attributes that you enjoy when you're involved in a good relationship.

You dislike the people you have difficulty with because they reflect the parts of you that you don't like. In these people you see something in them, however tiny or large, that you don't like about yourself. If they're needy, they remind you of the times when you have been needy. If they're rude, they're a reminder of the pain you caused others by your own rudeness. If they're annoying they bring out the annoyer in you. If they are liars, they remind you of the time you lied, how that felt and the damage that lie may have caused you or others.

Pay particular attention to the people who bother you, get under your skin, for no apparent reason. These people reflect something within you that you have been unwilling to see.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

baby and lime

Let's do a little math exercise.
Baby + Lime/lemon = ?
What do you get for the result? The result is....FUNNY!!!
I can't stop laughing since earlier this morning because of watching these funny faces of the babies eating lime. Now I know what's the best way to lighten up my mood. These videos surely can bring a big smile on your face and it can also make you laugh until your face and stomach this...

Cheese Rolling

A few days ago I was watching this event on TV, at first I didn't pay attention to it because it was like a normal daily news until I saw people strolling down the hill to catch something up. And when I watched it longer, I found out that they were all chasing a rolling cheese. The annual event was called "Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill" located in Gloucestershire, England. The tradition has been going on since 200 years ago. The idea was simple, from the top of the hill a round of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled, and competitors race down the hill after it. The first person over the finish line at the bottom of the hill wins the cheese. The kind of cheese used for the event was Double Gloucester cheeses weighing 7 – 8lb. The contestants wore various costumes to add the fun of it. The event was made to continue the tradition and for fun and excitement. However, paramedics were also ready to give help because there were those people who got injured on the event. Click here for the official website. Here's the video of the event. Here are some of the pictures of the event and also the video.

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If you love someone...

Have you ever read or heard the quote below? I'm sure you do.
If you love someone,Set her free…If she comes back, she’s yours,If she doesn’t, she never was….
That's the original quote from the wise man. But have you ever wonder how it would be like when the quote was stated by different kinds of people from different background? Below are the new versions of the it, it's so funny=)
Pessimist: If you love someone,Set her free …If she ever comes back, she’s yours,If she doesn’t, as expected, she never was

Optimist: If you love someone,Set her free …Don’t worry, she will come back.

Suspicious: If you love someone,Set her free …If she ever comes back, ask her why.

Impatient: If you love someone,Set her free …If she doesn’t come back within some time forget her.

Patient: If you love someone, Set her free …If she doesn’t come back,continue to wait until she comes back …

Playful: If you love someone,Set her free …If she comes back, and if you love her still,set her free again, repeat ….

Java Programmer: if(;she.setStatus (Status.FREE);if(she == NULL);She she = new She();

Animal-Rights Activist: If you love someone,Set her free,In fact, all living creatures deserve to be free!!

Lawyers: If you love someone,Set her free,Clause 1a of Paragraph 13a-1 in the SecondAmendment of the Matrimonial Freedom

Biologist: If you love someone,Set her free,She’ll evolve.

Statisticians: If you love someone,Set her free,If she loves you, the probability of her coming back is highIf she doesn’t, your relation was improbable anyway.

Schwarzenegger’s fans: If you love someone,Set her free,SHE’LL BE BACK!

Over possessive person: If you love someonedon’t set her free.

MBA: If you love someoneset her freeinstantaneouslyand look for others simultaneously

Psychologist: If you love someoneset her freeIf she comes back her super ego is dominantIf she doesn’t come back her id is supremeIf she doesn’t go, she must be crazy.

Somnabulist: If you love someoneset her freeIf she comes back it’s a nightmareIf she doesn’t, you must be dreaming.

ERP functional expert: If you love someoneset her freeIf she comes back, map her into your systemIf she doesn’t, carry out a gap-fit analysis

Finance expert: If you love someoneset her freeIf she comes back, its time to look for fresh loansIf she doesn’t, write her off as an asset gone bad.

Marketing Specialist: If you love someoneset her freeIf she comes back she has brand loyaltyIf she doesn’t, reposition the brand in new market
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Impossible object

Have a look on each of the picture below and see it for yourself whether it's possible or not. The pictures are the creations of CG which means Computer generated. Is it your eyes being foolish or is it the computer that has done a really genius job?
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Chocolate and Craving

Oh God...I am now craving for chocolate and I ate my last chocolate bar last night. Hmmm I wonder if I am really craving for chocolate or just craving for something sweet? I think it's chocolate. I'm curious to find out what is it about chocolate that makes me love it so much. Well, not only me but almost all of us likes chocolate especially woman. So I searched for the information about craving for chocolate and found out that women tend to crave for chocolate more than men. Here are what I just found out.
  • Women seem to be more prone to chocolate cravings than men. The Diabetes Association report found that only 15 percent of males appear to crave chocolate, as much as 40 percent of women do - and 75 percent of them claim that absolutely nothing other than chocolate can satisfy their appetite.
  • There is new scientific evidence that reveals some addictive qualities in the tasty treat. The same alkaloid compounds found in alcohol are also present in chocolate, researchers say.
  • "Other active substances in chocolate, like caffeine and magnesium, are often suggested as potential contributors to craving," Herraiz said, Researchers at the Spanish Council for Scientific Research in Madrid, Spain

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a good story...

Here's another good short story about someone who ask too much but don't do much. Sometimes in life you just have to do things instead of asking about this and that. And when you are patient enough, you will see all the things in life coming along your way. When people say you have to see it to believe it. This is how it applies in life, you just have to taste it to know the answers of your questions about life.

Tasting Life
(by Anthony De Mello)

Before the young man began his studies, he wanted assurance from the Master.
"Can you teach me the goal of human life?"
"I cannot," replied the Master.
"Or at least its meaning?"
"I cannot."
"Can you indicate to me the nature of death and of life beyond the grave?"
"I cannot."
The young man walked away in scorn. The disciples were dismayed that their Master had been shown up in a poor light.
Said the Master soothingly, "Of what is it to comprehend life's nature and life's meaning if you have never tasted it? I'd rather you ate your pudding than speculated on it."
Patience is the companion of wisdom. ~St. Augustine
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Paris in style

It's been a while since the last time I posted something about fashion. So I browse along to find something to refresh my look and Paris style caught my eyes and attention. And here are my fashion picks, not too weird but not too plain either. Some styles that I can wear without thinking twice. Well...maybe with a little bit of my own style. I don't want to look like a copycat=)

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When a child doesn't read...

What will happen if a child is lack of imagination? What will happen if a child can't read? Will they gain knowledge just by watching it? Here's one foundaiton that helps each person in this whole world to be able to read.

Established in 1989, the Literacy Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that everyone—adults and children—have access to reading and writing. Their vision of the future is for each person to be able to acquire the ability to understand and use written information in order to improve his knowledge, enhance his potential and achieve full self-actualization. Click here for the official website. They have made very good commercial about literacy. I've posted also the TV ad below.

where the wind blows..

I love this short story. It's called "I can sleep where the wind blows". I've read this so many times. It's one of those stories to be pondered. I don't know the source of this story because I've kept this since a long time ago. It's a story about how ready you are to face the world with full of challenges ahead of you. The story tells us about our preparation to live the life we have now. It's like having plan A and B when this and that happened. Not just sit there and waiting for things to happen. And when you finally face the issue, all you have in your mind is panic because you are not ready yet to face it. I'm not saying that we have to plan everything in this life but when you know something will come to you or will happen soon, there's nothing wrong to be prepared and be ready. And after you read the story, I hope you can sleep well tonight. Don't let the bed bugs bite=)

Years ago, a farmer owned land along the Atlantic seacoast. He constantly advertised for hired hands. Most people were reluctant to work on farms along the Atlantic. They dreaded the awful storms that raged across the Atlantic, wreaking havoc on the buildings and crops.
As the farmer interviewed applicants for the job, he received a steady stream of refusals.Finally, a short, thin man, well past middle age, approached the farmer. "Are you a good farm hand?" the farmer asked him."Well, I can sleep when the wind blows," answered the little man.
Although puzzled by this answer, the farmer, desperate for help, hired him. The little man worked well around the farm, busy from dawn to dusk, and the farmer felt satisfied with the man's work.
Then one night the wind howled loudly in from offshore. Jumping out of bed, the farmer grabbed a lantern and rushed next door to the hired hand's sleeping quarters. He shook the little man and yelled, "Get up! A storm is coming! Tie things down before they blow away!"
The little man rolled over in bed and said firmly, "No sir. I told you, I can sleep when the wind blows."Enraged by the response, the farmer was tempted to fire him on the spot.
Instead, he hurried outside to prepare for the storm. To his amazement, he discovered that all of the haystacks had been covered with tarpaulins. The cows were in the barn, the chickens were in the coops, and the doors were barred.
The shutters were tightly secured. Everything was tied down.Nothing could blow away. The farmer then understood what his hired hand meant, so he returned to his bed to also sleep while the wind blew.
When you're prepared, spiritually, mentally, and physically, you have nothing to fear. Can you sleep when the wind blows through your life?The hired hand in the story was able to sleep because he had secured the farm against the storm. We secure ourselves against the storms of life by grounding ourselves in the Word of God. We don't need to understand, we just need to hold God's hand to have peace in the middle of storms.
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Creative design for kids...

Who says kids can't have some luxury time? Look at these places. Oh my...I want to be a kid again ha ha. In this modern days, anything is possible. The pictures belows shows us the unique design on school, restaurant, hotel, hospital and bookstore all are targeted for kids. There's nothing more than opening children's mind so that they can absorb all the things they see and be creative. I am the kind of person who likes to see children exploring their own world. Let them all be imaginative and creative..let them see the colors in the world and explore the new things. Look at the bookstore below..soooo fun. If all the bookstore designed like this, I'm sure that every kids will have so much interest on reading.

(School in Denmark)

( Alton Towers Hotel in th U.K.)

(Praq , restaurant in Amsterdam)

(Hospital in London)

(The Kids Republic bookstore in Beijing)

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