Monday, May 25, 2009

Unusual Hotels...

I really need a vacation, but too bad I can't take leave on my job. So here I am, wondering around...imagining how it feels to stay over night in one of these unusual hotels all over the world. I wish.

Hôtel Palafitte is a hi-tech series of apartments on stilts adrift in the middle of Neuchâtel Lake in Switzerland

Lie back and watch the fantastic Northern Lights from your bed in the futuristic glass igloos of Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finnish Lapland

Magic Mountain Hotel in the Huilo Huilo reserve, Chile, has a waterfall cascading down its sides — and the interior is just as strange

Künstlerheim Luise, co-operative art gallery hotel, Berlin. German artists, eh? Let them loose on your former palace and you end up with bordello chic bananas flying around your head

Lose yourself in your own love bubble — The Capsule Hotel is a former oil rig survival pod moored in the Hague that comes with disco mirror ball, fairy-light decorations and silk-lined sleeping bags.

Kolarbyn woodland “camouflage” huts in Sweden may have no electricity but they do come with an en suite stream. Your first job is to chop wood for the heating, not raid the mini-bar!

Le Carré Rouge is the perfect romantic retreat — for nature lovers, as there's no running water or electricity. Designed by artist Gloria Friedmann, it is literally a red cube lobbed into the French countryside, except with one glazed face. There's cooking facilities on the ground floor and three double beds upstairs

Death in the afternoon has been replaced by leisurely siestas with rooms built into the walls of Quinta Real Zacatecas bullring in Mexico

It literally is a case of you've been framed in Atelier sul Mare in Sicily, as every room has been designed by a different modern artist

An art community in the funky side of Ljubljana has turned this former slammer into a hip hostel called Hostel Celica. And we're not talking basket-woven beds
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Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sorry you can't get time off! Those hotels are whacky! ha ha. I just love the first one, kind of makes me dream of living in a houseboat!

boya arsila said...

Yeah too bad I can't take leave..hey,I like the first one seems to bring serennity=) for sure I wouldn't want to be in the capsule hotel since I'm a claustrophobic..really afraid to be trapped in a small space..

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I couldn't handle the capsule either! Makes me think, hey, I could dig a big hole, put a few candles up and market it as a hotel, ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I need a vacation too, a real one though. Not one where I have to worry about my foot swelling up or getting tired. I know how it is when you can't get time off of work to take a break from life. We can only imagine through pictures huh?

boya arsila said...

that's what they say..a picture is worth a thousand words..those pictures surely are worth thousands dreams of holiday=)