Friday, May 15, 2009

it's the little thing..

Little by little you can eventually will have something big. I believe this concept applies to our life also. Sometimes we often look for the big things happen to us that we often forget the beauty of the life's little pleasure that has come our way. It's those little moments that can make our life become a whole life fills with enjoyable moments. If you are able to see, feel and enjoy even the smallest pleasure that life offers you, can you imagine how good it feels when the actual BIG pleasure come towards you? Surely it'll give you a wonderful feeling. So, from this moment, we will be better to open our heart and mind to see the little pleasures that fly in this air of life. If we're lucky, we might be able to catch it=)

Life is all about gratitude for the little things, the things we often take for granted. Oh yes, there are big achievements, big plans, big toys, big stuff, big problems and big failures. But, these pass leaving broken or challenged spirits or hearts in their wake. It’s the little things that really count.

Life accumulates moment by moment, day by day. In each moment in our life there is the potential for new awareness, new growth, miracles, new thoughts and new sights, sounds and tastes. Each of these often comes disguised in the little events that surround us daily. A smile from a stranger, a sincere hug from a friend, an unexpected call that says, you matter and I care, a rainbow, a double rainbow. When you find something important you thought was lost.
There are millions of other little pleasures each day if only we would take the time to notice. A dear friend shared this concept of little pleasures with me last year. I wanted to pass it along to you thinking it might do for you what it did for me, keep me focused on what matters in life and not what doesn’t.
Little pleasures are all of those unimportant signals, events, situations, signs, people, circumstances that make you smile. The way it works is this. Find something positive you want to focus on today. Today every time the sun passes behind a cloud you will think of how much in life you are grateful for. You will notice the kind words that other say about you and you will feel warm and peaceful inside. Well I have given you the philosophy and a few ideas. Why not start every day this week with a little pleasure.
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Anonymous said...

I so agree! The little things make up our day, and if we love and appreciate them - good or bad - I think we are more apt to appreciate everything we have, and not always be looking for the "next best thing" to arrive, because we already have it!

boya arsila said...

Yes Rain..I agree with every single point you've mentioned=)