Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What goes around comes around

Do you believe in Karma? I do...I believe it soooo much that every time I want to do something bad, my mind instantly think about the karma that I will get by doing the thing. People always say that what goes around will eventually comes around. And this is very true. All is fair in life even if we're not really aware of it. If you look back one by one the kindness that you received from other people, you'll remember that you have once did the same kindness to other people too. I can say that I'm lucky to believe in karma, especially good karma. By this I can say that I always tend to share kindness to others and to eliminate the bad or negative thoughts from my mind. The law of Karma stated that we receive what we give, all our actions reflect back upon us, either in this world or in the subsequent ones. If we're able to put ourselves in other people's shoes, we will surely be able to know how the other people feel about things. I guess I can say that this relates to karma in a way that we always think before we take an action toward other people. So, how does karma works? Read the article below about karma and all the things related to it.

How does Karma work?
Karma is based on logic. It is an unavoidable consequence of our creations. When we create anything, we also create other things which might not be what we intended. If I get angry and with another harm, then I create a state in which I am harming another and another is harmed. I create a state in which I am happy with the suffering of another. But also create a state in which another is unhappy and suffering. I create a state in which I am joyful that my enemy is justly harmed. And a state in which another is resentful and angry that they have been wrongly treated. This relates to the games of life. In whichever game we play certain causes and effects arise. And certain rules are required.
So when we create anything, whether a good intention or a bad one, other side-effects are necessarily produced. Imagine a world where no one harmed another in any way. And I harm another. I create someone who harms another and one who is harmed. This did not exist before. But now the world contains suffering. And in the present life, or in subsequent ones, there are those who suffer and those who harm. And I, and others, play all these roles. In the beginning before harm was created, it was impossible to suffer. But when I do harm then suffering exists to my detriment. Of course, I am not alone, and others who create harm also create suffering and we continue to play our games in a world with suffering. Now after many aeons, we wonder why there is suffering. And why there is harm. Yet this is the result of our own creations.

Karma is now
We create our Karma now, at this second. And we continue out of habit to create bad and good Karma. Karma does not exist lurking in the past as a thing to punish or reward us, but exists and is created now, newly, in every second. We can create Karma with supposedly good intentions, as mentioned previously.
The resolution
When we think, act and speak with that which produces good for all, then we begin to resolve the issue of Karma. (That is the unwanted issue. Logically Karma always follows.) In some way we need to change our habits and thinking and create Karma which makes a better existence. But what is this thinking.

When we wish to be powerful, we necessarily create those who are weak. When we wish to be master, we create slavery. These may not be our intentions, but what we create - what we cause - has certain unavoidable effects which rebound upon us all. (Because we have all created the harm.) We can resolve the issue by thinking, acting and speaking such that the consequences are what we would also accept ourselves. We may wish to be master, but we might not want to be a slave. By wishing to be master we unavoidably create the state of slave for ourselves, and those we love.
Creating 'good' Karma
However when we intend to UNDERSTAND, then we create UNDERSTANDING and that which is UNDERSTOOD. These may be desirable states.
  • When we wish others well, then we create the state of being wished well. Therefore, this may be acceptable to all.
  • When we create the state of BEING HAPPY, we also create, the state of BEING HAPPY (the same?) which is acceptable to all.
  • When we create the state of RESPECTING ALL we also create the state of BEING RESPECTED which is acceptable to all.

Acceptable to all

Actually, this means acceptable to us in all its forms. We need to create states that are acceptable to us in all their forms. Actually, the so called 'Golden Rule' is a rule for creating good karma. It has never been expressed properly, but it is the rule, 'Do to others what you would like them to do to you.' We need to capture the idea of the law rather to be bothered by its wording

(source from trans4mind.com)


Anonymous said...

You know I started believe more into Karma just about a few years ago. I want good things to happen so I do my best not to put out bad energy to eventually bring back bad karma for myself. I think that I have witnessed bad instant Karma before and I wouldn't want that happening to me. When something happens bad to me I think back, "I may have caused this bad karma on myself."

boya arsila said...

I know exactly how you think and feel because that's what I always keep in mind also..

Anonymous said...

I believe in karma. I could never understand why I was abused as an innocent child, it was just so unfair. I went to see a spiritual healer for many years and she read my past lives through her tarot deck. She said in a past life I was a vicious warrior who killed for the sake of killing! Now, whether I believe this or not, it gave me some kind of perspective that perhaps my past life karma was coming back to me in this lifetime, even as a child. I'm still not sure I believe it, but it does free me of that confusion a little bit. In any case, I make sure I try to pass on the love so to speak.

Do you ever notice when how quickly the bad karma happens? Like, if I'm tail-gated in the car, it annoys me and sometimes I want to just cut somebody off...but if I do that, they will too, and so on. I really think our world is too angry and the bad karma is just flying all over the place. Being strong and rising above it, that is so important!!!!

Great post Boya Arsila!

boya arsila said...

Rain: I think it can relate to Reincarnation. Just like your spiritual healer said about your past life. I also believe that every one of us has been in someone else's body in the past life...but this is your life now. You must live it the best way you can...

And once again...you are a strong woman..in fact, all of us are a strong woman=)

Anonymous said...

Thanks honey! It may have taken me a few lives, but I've finally learned a few lessons about karma!

Anonymous said...

Wow Rain vicious warrior in another life?? Now I wanna know what I was in a previous life.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she said to picture Ghengis Kahn. Creepy huh? Yeah, I was a man too. I was also a little boy who died at a young age...there was another one, a mother I think, but I can't remember too much, the warrior one really stuck out! It's fun to have the past lives done, I think you should do it! You too Boya Arsila! I may get mine done again just for fun!

boya arsila said...

hmm..it makes me curious..what was I back in the past..by the way..i think I've come across one website that can tell you about your past life..I'll tell you if later I've been able to find it=)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, please do! That would be cool!