Thursday, March 28, 2013

Travelling With Baby

I will be having a long weekend this week. And tomorrow my husband, our daughter and I will be out of town for s quick getaway. It will be my daughter's first trip out of town. Hopefuly she'll behave nicely =) I am not a light traveller, everyonw who knows me knows that. I always bring what I think is important when I am on a trip. And now I have a baby, I have more things to bring. So, here I am posting this post while browsing on the net about travelling with baby. Here are tips I found (via babycenter) useful to keep in mind. Hope you all have a great weekend =) 


  • Start preparing to pack a few days before you travel. Keep a running list of things to take, or put items out on a table or dresser as you think of them.
  • Use a diaper bag with a waterproof lining and a shoulder strap.
  • Be prepared for leaky diapers and baby spit-up on the airplane: Tuck an extra outfit or two for your baby – and an extra shirt for you – into your carry-on bag.
  • Prevent leaks by packing medicines and toiletries in resealable plastic bags.
  • Pack each of your baby's outfits in its own zipped plastic bag so you don't have to hunt around for tiny socks, shirts, and so on.
  • Take your camera, battery charger, and an extra memory card.
  • Take a clip-on reading light so you can read without disturbing your baby.
  • Take the phone number for your baby's healthcare provider in case you have questions while you're on the road.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Overcome Disappointment

I'm really sure that each one of us has gone through disappointment at least once in our life. What do you usually do when you're feeling disappointed? Everyone will act differently when it comes to deal with disappointment for sure. If you're feel like you don't know what to do to overcome disappointment, here are 10 simple ways to overcome disappointment (via). At least the things below can somehow drag you away from the disappointment thoughts in your mind.

10 Simple Ways To Overcome Disappointment

1. Exercise - If something is bothering me, I exercise. I don’t exercise to try and forget about the problem necessarily. I exercise and work through the problem in my head and I seem to always come to a solution. Perhaps it’s the endorphins helping out, but I seem to always come to a resolution.
2. Focus on the Future - There’s a reason why the rearview mirror in a car is small, but the front windshield is large. Focus your attention on what’s in front of you. Sure it’s good to know about the past, but DON”T DWELL ON IT!
3. Be with Friends - It’s amazing what being around friends will do for a person. If you are disappointed about something, find and friend and go talk about your disappointment. A lot of times people think their situation is unique when more often than not, many people have been through the same situation. Plus, it’s good to talk it through and a lot of times you’ll realize that it’s probably not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.
4. Focus on What Makes You Happy - If you are feeling disappointed and watching a comedy makes you happy, go down to the store and rent a comedy from a DVD rental center. If you have kids and they make you happy, go play with them. It won’t take long before you forget about your disappointment.
5. Go Read - Reading can be a great tool to get your mind off of what’s bothering you and allow you to focus on the story in the book. Who knows, perhaps you’ll find that reading is a new hobby for you if you are not already an avid reader.
6. Go Walk Your Dog - If you have a dog, walking them is a great way to keep your mind off of your disappointment. A lot of the dogs I’m around are soi friendly, it’s hard not to forget about your disappointment.
7. You Have Your Health - Despite your disappointment, you have your health. I know I get caught up in sports, goals and activities, but instead of focusing on the fact that we came up short in a soccer game or didn’t quite complete a goal, I focus on the fact that I have my health. I have a lot of friends that are not able to play soccer due to their health so I am certainly thankful for the opportunity to still play.
8. Be Alone - This my seem counterintuitive to some of the other ways to overcome disappointment, but sometimes and for some people, it’s good to be alone. I know I sometimes enjoy being alone so I can have some quite time to myself without the distraction of the television of other noises.
9. Motivation - When I am disappointed about an outcome, it motivates me to not to want to feel that way again. For instance, I’m disappointed that I will probably not make my goal of purchasing our first real estate investment. Instead of hanging my head low over the fact that I didn’t accomplish that goal, I’m going to regroup and double my efforts!
10. Forgive Yourself - Just as you are taught to forgive others for their wrongdoings, you must live to forgive yourself and realize that you are human and not perfect. Things don’t always fall the way you want them do, but if you plan and put enough effort into your goal, you’ll definitely give yourself a good chance at realizing that goal.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Daughter Is Turning One

I have two things to say. First one is a big hello to everyone and the second thing I want to say is I'm sorry. Sorry for the lack of post for the last 6 or 7 days maybe. I had a hectic days preparing my daughter's first birthday. So, my daughter, Zilla, is 1 year old now. her birthday was on 23rd March. We had a big party for her. Below are some of the pictures. I had an "In The Night Garden" theme for her birthday. It's her favorite show. We have to watch the show every single night haha. So, I hope I don't miss anything here. Having a first birthday for our first daughter surely felt amazing. It's a different feeling when it's our daugther having a birthday =) Hope you all have a great day...

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I was not having a really good day today. Not a bad day but something distracted my thoughts the time I got home this evening after running my errands. It was a good day when I started the day, but this thought now is killing me. I tried not to think about it. And of course, I am now having tea. Tea can always cure my overload thought about something. It feels a bit lighter now after having some warm tea. I tend to read something that can lift up my spirit when I am down or when I am blue. This time, I read an article about perfection. I found it via DailyOM. I couldn't find the one who wrote the article but surely it is a great one. Hope you like it too =)

A Glimpse Of Perfection
Living A Day In Grace

Grace is always with us. It flows like a river through our lives, artfully reminding us that there is magic and power beyond what our eyes can see. At times we catch its subtle beauty, like during chance meetings, near misses, and insights that seem to come from nowhere. Other times we experience grace in all its powerful surety such as when a job or relationship comes to an end. Though we may forget that this is grace at work too, it is indeed influencing our lives, helping us to move forward and take the next step. Grace exists in all situations, in every moment, yet all too often we may overlook its presence. 

Imagine how it would feel to live an entire day in grace, to fully appreciate that your day is unfolding in absolute perfection. Whereas usually you might miss the magic in ordinary events and interactions, on this day you would recognize them all as little miracles. Perhaps you could begin with your first deep breaths in the morning, becoming aware that there is an abundant supply of air for you to breathe. Your lungs know just how to carry oxygen to your blood, and your blood knows where to carry it from there. This is grace at work. You might appreciate the brilliant sunshine, the warm summertime rain, or the possibilities for learning that greet you at every turn. You might notice the ease with which you do your job or laugh with a close friend. These things are also grace. Even laying your head down at the end of this day and resting in the stillness of night is grace. 

With each opportunity you give yourself to enjoy this current of benevolence, you may discover a deeper peace. Your faith may strengthen and your heart may open. You might begin to wonder if struggle is really all that necessary after all. By living this one day in grace, you might open the door to many more.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dreamy Treehouse

Dreams do come true. Right? Of course they do. This posting is one of those dreams that does come true. This is a posting about a dreamy place where you can live happily. If I could describe the place, I would say it is dreamy, magical, real and comfortable. It's a Magical treehouse within a fairytale garden, that is located in San Fransisco bay. I guarantee the first time you see the place you will instantly picturing yourself living in such a nice place because that's what I just did =) 

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Moments In Life

This is a little something for you. A list of quote about moments in life, about little moments in life that can mean something more to us. As I always said, often it's the little thing that matters the most =) Have a great Monday everyone

Friday, March 8, 2013


I came across this quote and fell in love instantly. It's a quote about the future, about tomorrow, about a brand new day. Say that you've made mistake today, now what? There's always tomorrow, tomorrow can always give us a chance to fix things and a chance to make it a better day. Have a great weekend everyone =)

“Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a 
new day with no mistakes in it yet?” 
― L.M. Montgomery 

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Thursday, March 7, 2013


I had a salad yesterday but something was missing on the plate..the salad had no croutons. I love bread so much, so crouton is certainly another thing that I love too. I was thinking just now about making croutons. So, this is a recipe of Homemade croutons by Dainty Chef

  • 6 slices bread, crusts trimmed and cubed or 1 baguette, trimmed and cubed
  • 3 tablespoons melted butter or olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder and a pinch of salt OR 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
  • 1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes

What you’ll do:
  1. Preheat over to 300 degrees. 
  2. Mix all the ingredients together except for the bread. 
  3. Toss the butter mixture with the bread in a medium bowl until cubes are evenly coated. Spread coated bread cubes on a cookie sheet in a single layer. 
  4. Bake for 15 minutes. 
  5. Stir the croutons around and bake for an additional 15 minutes until done. Store croutons in air-tight container or ziploc bag.

(image and recipe by Dainty Chef)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Extraordinary Things

We are al living in the present moment though there are some people who still live on the past, still regrets things they have done in the past. I am living in the present moment. Why waste our time living our life in the past, right? I found this list of 40 extraordinary things happenng right now from Marc and Angel. It's a list of things happening to other people, it could be one of us too. There are lots of things happening while to other people while we are living in our own present time. Some can be bad, some can be good things. But no matter what, it's the things we do in the present time that matter. It shows us that we're living in the moment...

40 Extraordinary Things Happening Right Now

  1. A soldier of sorts is diligently fighting the fight so you don’t have to.
  2. Someone who suffered from a severe injury last year is back on their feet.
  3. A small group of people are building something that will soon make the impossible possible.
  4. Somewhere on Earth a double rainbow is stretched from one end of the horizon to the other.
  5. One of the next Billboard-chart-topping musical artists is patiently rehearsing in her garage.
  6. A piece of literature is being written that will eventually change your perspective on life.
  7. Young children all over the world are singing and dancing before they even realize there is anything that isn’t music.
  8. A friend is helping a friend rise above thoughts of suicide.
  9. Someone is thinking what you’re thinking, but hasn’t said anything yet either.
  10. Two people in your hometown are falling in love.
  11. Somewhere someone is admiring a breathtaking sunrise, and somewhere else a surreal sunset.
  12. People of various religious backgrounds are in temples, churches, mosques and other places of worship praying, wholeheartedly, for world peace.
  13. Someone who has struggled with their weight for the last several years is standing on a scale and smiling.
  14. Hundreds of cute elderly couples are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
  15. A baby girl just took her first few steps without falling.
  16. Two best friends are laughing so hard they aren’t even making any noise.
  17. A future world leader is in grade school at recess.
  18. Someone is in the process of sincerely forgiving a seemingly unforgivable act.
  19. There’s a kid studying hard somewhere who aspires to get to where you are in life.
  20. A firefighter is running into a burning building to rescue a perfect stranger.
  21. Someone in your vicinity genuinely wants to be your friend.
  22. A young mom is lying in a hospital bed and holding her newborn baby twins for the very first time.
  23. Someone is taking a shower and singing happily at the top of their lungs.
  24. There is someone out there who smiles when they think of a specific moment they once shared with you.
  25. An alcoholic just celebrated one full year of sobriety.
  26. Volunteers in major cities all over the world are working at homeless shelters caring for those who are less fortunate than themselves.
  27. A young man is pulled over on the side of the road helping a young woman change a flat tire.
  28. A high school athlete just broke her own personal record.
  29. Two teenagers just received their very first kiss ever from each other.
  30. A husband and wife who were drowning in debt five years ago proudly hold a balance of zero on their credit cards.
  31. Someone is hugging a friend who desperately needs it.
  32. A new small business owner just wrapped up his first profitable year working for himself.
  33. A grandfather is holding his granddaughter’s hand and they’re both smiling from ear to ear.
  34. Someone just placed their spare change in the charity collection cup at the grocery store.
  35. A small group of friends are sitting around a table sharing funny stories and cheerfully reminiscing about the good old days.
  36. A breast cancer patient just found out her cancer is in complete remission.
  37. Someone out there is missing you and looking forward to your next visit.
  38. Honest people are working for various government entities to help protect your basic human rights and civil liberties.
  39. An emergency room surgeon is in the middle of saving his patient’s life.
  40. Someone is holding the door open for the person behind them.
(source: - image via weheartit)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Being Loved

Hi, it feels like ages ago since the last time I made posting. Last week was a busy week. I started to plan on my baby daughter 1st birthday party. My husband and I want it to be a great party since it'll be her first birthday party. So I went here and there to find things that we want to have on her big day. I hope all will go well on the big day. How was your weekend? Hope you all had a great time. At first I wanted to have a small intimate birthday party for my daughter but my husband disagreed. He said that it'll her first birthday so he wanted to have something special for her and I thought well maybe he's right, maybe we should have a special one. The most important thing is that my daughter will feel that she's being loved by everyone when everyone come to her special day. It's the feeling of being loved that cannot be replaced by anything else. Maybe my husband is's not the party but the feeling of love that my daughter will receive from everyone else =) Hope you are all being loved too...Have a great Monday

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