Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Incredible Cloud Faces and Figures

These are really amazing figures of clouds. I am sure that you also often see the clouds and imagining the figure of something that appear to your mind. Do you think these are just coincidences or God is playing with the clouds so all of us here on earth can smile when we look up to the sky? Or....is it our mind that's playing with our optical illusion?
1. This cloud over Budapest in Hungary looks uncannily like an Australian Aboriginal man.

© sandor banyai

2. Some may liken this cloud above the Maldivian island of Meerufenfushito to the first female UK Prime Minister, Maggie Thatcher, others might see Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

© james gossage

3. There’s no mistake this cloud resembles actor Marlon Brando, best known for his role as Mafia boss Don Vito Corleone in The Godfather Trilogy.

© micheal poole

4. King Louis XIV looking regal in the sky.

© annegret richter

5. Betty Davis giving ‘that’ look.
richard carlson

6. Coming through! This guy’s in a hurry.
© flaminia grubacki

7. Jesus doing what he does best.

© carl tidy

8. Carebear gone crazy.
© fluffy von der flynn

9. Is it a shark? Is it a face? Whatever it is, it looks downright creepy.
© chad ramsey

10. Crossed legged demon watching the world go by.

(source from environmentalgraffiti.com)


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! You know I love clouds! Actually I submitted one of my photos to the blog Skull A Day, it's really cool, it's a skull in the sky, they said they'd publish it, I'll let you know when they do!

JC said...

Those are really cool clouds !

Anonymous said...

Wow I love clouds. I love the descriptions that went with them too. My favorite are the extra white fluffy one in front of a blue blue sky. Makes me feel like, "it is going to be a great day." I need some of those clouds today.

boya arsila said...

I love clouds too..everytime I look up and see the cloud, I see it as a cotton candy...the sweet cotton candy and fluffy=)

Can't wait to see your photos Rain..

Hi JC...yes, those are really cool. And Michelle, you're right, maybe the cloud was there to uplift everyone's mood for the day=)

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