Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When good things gone bad

Oh Gosh..Look at these cakes. A proving that decorating cake is not an easy task. It requires a very good skills, not just only making the icing for the cake but a spelling skills. There should be some kind of editor for this thing lol=)
It's for Gerry or Jerry? No, it's Gerrie hmmm or is it Gary....It's GERI people!!!! Ha ha ha I can imagine those employees' arguments on the cake shop about the name GERI...

What's Anniversity? Anniversary of the University..? =p

The cake look very beautiful BUT a huge mistake makes it a really bad cake....Cangrtalation, any idea for the definition of this word guys?

Oh can we celebrate this happy day if the greeting is completely wrong! It a gril?

Somebody must look "Under-Neat" for a dictionary please=p


Anonymous said...

LOL The last one is hilarious.

The person said to write "Best Wishes Suzanne"

and then (underneath that)

"We will miss you"

Get it??


boya arsila said...

ha ha ha...yes I get first I didn't get it but ha ha ha now I know..LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL, those are great! Years ago, a friend and I purposely wrote "Happy 70th Birthday Gladys" then crossed out the 70 and the Gladys for my friend Steve's 35th birthday!

boya arsila said...

Really Rain? Ha Ha...I guess it has happened to everyone once in while=)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, our whole group of friends was based on comedy and playing pranks. It's fun to be silly though!

Unknown said...

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