Monday, May 25, 2009


There's always a little kid inside an adult's body. I believe that. And I', sure that once a while we miss those moments as a child..playing and playing. All we can think back then was just to have fun. I was suddenly remembered how fun it was blowing a bubble. Do you remember it? I remembered on the backyard with my brother and sister blowing bubbles that my mother made for us. Just a simple thing that has been able to bring joy in my childhood life.

Dip the wand into the soapy water and carefully blow it until come up the bubbles that floated in the fun fun. But then when I think of it again, I can say that adults also love blowing bubbles. Fun will always be fun no matter how old we are.

Can you imagine if you can attach every bubbles you blow with a dream of yours? Make a wish of it and blow it into the air. Hoping that it will come true.

Or think of it like this, put your anger in each bubble, blow it and let it dissapear in the air. Therefore you can let go all your anger. And if the 'dream bubble' does not come true, who least you can get the fun of it...

After all, life is about enjoying the little things=)
(images via flickr and tumblr)


Anonymous said...

Bubbles, when the dogs were puppies, I used to blow bubbles and they'd go nuts trying to chase them. It was the funniest thing! There is a store in town that has a bubble machine going outside their door. You will be walking down the street when all of a sudden a burst of bubbles surrounds you! You can't help but giggle, unless you're really uptight that is!

boya arsila said...

I want to go to that bubble store Rain=) And I've noticed that doggies love round-shape things, don't you think so? My doggies loooves to play with balls..

Anonymous said...

I'll try to remember to take a photo next time I have to go to the laundromat! My dogs used to love chasing tennis balls, but now they're old and only interested in cuddling, that's okay with me though!