Monday, November 26, 2012

Top Ten Regrets

Regrets always come at the ened. Of course, everyone knows that. It's like a universal knowledge that we always regrets thing at the end. And when we regreted the things we have done, all we can do is just feel bad about ourselves. But there are also things we regret for not being able to do those things when we can. Here's the list about the top ten regrets of our life that I found via

The Top Ten Regrets Of Our Life

1) Not travelling more
2) Losing touch with pals
3) Not exercising enough
4) Not saving more money
5) Taking up smoking
6) Being lazy at school
7) Choice of career
8) Wasting years with the wrong partner
9) Eating unhealthily
10) Not asking more about our grandparents’ lives before they died

(list source: - image source: favim)