Monday, June 24, 2013

Positivity Tips

Be positive. The statement has always been my favorite mantra for myself in anything goes wrong. We always have to be positive especially in a bad situation. There's always light in the end of the tunnel. I found an article of tips to think more positively. I know that I have posted many times about positivity. But this one is worth to be noted. The article is written by Paul Sloane via Lifehack. You can read the complete one here

11 Tips to Help You Think More Positively

You can choose to have depressing, negative thoughts or inspirational, positive thoughts; your attitude determines your mindset, which in turn determines your behaviours and the outcomes in your life. Many studies show that you will achieve more, feel happier and live longer if you chose the positive option. Here are some tips to boost your positive thinking.

1. Believe in Yourself
Successful people start with a deep inner self-belief. It has been shown that self-belief is more important than intelligence, education or connections in terms of life-long achievement. 

2. Set Clear Goals
If you have no destination then your journey is haphazard. If you write down ambitious but achievable goals, then you are already on the road to accomplishing them.

3. Form a Mental Picture of Your Success
Imagine yourself achieving your goals. Savour the experience of your book being published, of making the sale, of giving the speech to rapturous applause, of winning the race, of living your dream.

4. Take Ownership and Responsibility for Your Life
Don’t be a victim. Don’t blame others or circumstances. You are the captain of the boat and you decide where it goes and what happens. 

5. Talk to Yourself
Become your own motivator by telling yourself positive things. 

6. Eliminate the Negative
Use positive self-talk to overcome the doubts and negative thoughts that creep into your mind.

7. Associate with Positive People
Among your friends, relatives, and associates there are probably some upbeat, positive, optimistic, dynamic people and some downbeat, negative, pessimistic or cynical people.

8. Count Your Blessings
Draw up an assets and liabilities sheet for yourself.  

9. Find the Silver Lining
Learn to look for the opportunities in every situation that comes along.

10. Relax and Enjoy Life More
Lighten up a little. If you can laugh at things then you can cope with them more easily.  Don’t try to do everything at once. Don’t become overburdened with work.

11. Fake It.
If all else fails then fake it.  If you are really worried, nervous, or doubtful, then pretend that you are confident and self-assured. Stride to the lectern, smile at the audience and act as though you are positive, professional and successful. Acting the role helps you develop the attitudes and behaviours that go with the part.

(article via - image via weheartit)