Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Hugging is the simplest but the most powerful things we can do to other people. Don't you love being hug by the one you love and knowing that the hug is not just a hug, but a sincere and warm hug. Even if the hug is only for a few second, you'll feel different afterwards. There are many types of hug such as a supporting hug, a welcoming hug, a lovers hug and many more. But for me, a hug is a hug...people will only hug those who they feel comfortable with. I don't know about you but that surely applies to me. Hugging my husband before going to bed is a must! So, what are exactly the real benefits of hugging? I found this information regarding hug benefits from Associated Content.

One of the most interesting effects of the hug is it's ability to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Of course, there are a number of medical reasons for this, and it is simply one more reason to enjoy a friendly hug. When a person is hugged, their comfort level is increased, and they enjoy being around a fellow human being. Also, the hug communicates many things to many people. A hug from a friend or family brings back happy memories and makes the huggee relive those moments. Also, if we follow social psychology, we become aware of the many benefits that result in the body and mind when we feel accepted or understood by another person. Even though one may think that a deep conversation can have these effects, the simple truth is that a hug creates those feelings of acceptance and compassion that can sometimes be difficult to find in our modern world. Thus, when we experience these things, we become more relaxed, we are happier, and our entire attitude tends to improve. As a direct result of these things, our heart rates become more relaxed and over a period of time, lower heart rates and increased time spent being happy can actually lower blood pressure and have very effective bonuses to heart health.

Another important benefit of the hug is the effect that it can on the mental state of an individual, as well as the physical. People who hug more frequently tend to be more open about their emotions and develop a greater sense of closeness and compassion to those around them. However, sometimes, it can be difficult to accept others or to realize that there are other people around us. For that reason, sometimes the simple hug can open up mental blocks with this matter, allowing an individual to feel increased feelings of happiness and even trigger a small release of dopamine. However, even though physical contact can sometimes have brain chemical effects (such as the release of dopamine mentioned before) it is not a constant. Instead, the greater benefits in this area come from the simple effect of being close to other human beings and feeling a real bond or connection between people.
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