Thursday, October 31, 2013

Craving For Attention

Hi everyone. It's been ages since the my last post here. I am now pregnant (my second child), and everytime I looked a t the monitor of my computer, I always get so dizzy. But as I am now feel stronger, I can look at the monitor of the computer a bit linger. So now I am able to make posting =) I hope you are all doing fine. 

I was wondering is it just me or any other pregnant mom always craving for more attention? I don't mean attention from all the people surrounding you but most of all from your loved one (husband). What do you think? Maybe it's the hormonal side of my pregnancy, maybe it could be the emotional side of being pregnant. I don't know for sure. So, here are tips for you who are just like me...craving for attention (via It's just a way of communication I guess. Oh by the way, it is so good to be back here again =) 

5 Ways To Get The Attention You're Craving From Your Man 

  1. Be the change you want to see. It’s not just for Presidential campaigns. You will find that if you lead by example and focus more on your partner’s needsinstead of your own, you’ll not only feel better about yourself and your relationship, but you are teaching your partner a lesson in love.
  2. Tell him exactly what you want. He’s not a psychic. Yes, you believe that he should know you well enough by now to know exactly what you need from him, and while you may be right, he may need a friendly reminder that keeps him on his toes and doesn’t allow him to start taking you for granted.
  3.  Don’t nag. Men and women alike are turned off by nagging and will usually end up tuning it out. Make sure it’s the right time and place to have that conversation about your needs. And the conversation doesn’t need to be a big, heavy, ‘We need to talk,’ affair. Just tell him in a loving way exactly what it is that you crave.
  4. Create a loving environment. You’re stressed about work, the kids are getting on your nerves, and you are just generally in a nasty mood. It’s easy to have an expectation that he will notice all of this and step in to make it right. (Well, as right as he can) But, it may not necessarily happen that way. Make sure you check yourself before you place demands on him. You know what they say about flies and honey.
  5. Get away. Take advantage of one and plan a getaway. You’d be surprised at just how much it can recharge your relationship when you remove yourself from your environment. Even if it’s just an hour away for a night or two, doing something different together creates memories and makes you feel closer to each other. 
(article via - image via weheartit)


Anonymous said...

Congrats for the baby!
I missed you ;)

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Sophie said...

Well then, I really liked the look and feel of the blog and you're really spot on about how to treat your man, I am glad I read about it before getting into marriage or having kids. Thank you!

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