Monday, February 8, 2010

Expect the Unexpected things..

When you are waiting for something to be happening, do you leave some space for unexpected things? I think it's always wise to do that. It doesn't make you a pessimist but I do think it makes you become a person who are able to face the reality. Sometimes reality bites but sometimes reality offers us the best things that life can offer.

I found this article by Michelle Starkey about how we have to learn to release some of the expectations that can limit us from what can be happening later on. Here's what I think about the logic sense, if we focus more only on the expectations, we put less attention on the process on making the expectation occur. In this case, we give less effort on making things to happen. On the contrary, if we know what to expect later and now we're focusing more on the process...therefore we'll get better result=) Things You'll Need:
  • Open Mind
  • Trust
  • Faith
Expectations. We all have them whether we realize it or not. Trouble is, they can limit us in many ways. Learn to release expectations and lead a more fulfilling life!
  1. First, look at your life and current situations. What are they the result of? Were you consciously making choices or taking action or is you life merely a by-product of limited thinking?

  2. Courageous Cougar - What do you expect? You expect your parents to have unconditional love for you, your spouse to read you mind, your children to behave themselves in public, life to treat you fairly and more. What if these things don't happen? Then what? You may feel cheated, slighted, unlucky, disappointed or depressed.
  3. Sly Fox - Learn to become peaceful with whatever has happened in your life, what is occurring now and whatever the future brings by developing faith. Faith comes in many forms and from many sources: other people, nature, spirituality and your religion.
  4. Lone wolf - Take nature, for example. Do you think the coyote goes out at night and EXPECTS to catch a rabbit for dinner? Probably not. He goes out, howls at the moon & sniffs around a bit. Maybe a bunny is nearby, maybe not. He doesn't know and he doesn't really care. He knows he is going to eat eventually and isn't going to starve to death. He trusts his abilities and has faith in nature.
  5. Wise Owl - Expectations are limiting. Having them is a way of setting limits on your achievements. You may say, "I expect to be a multi-millionaire by the time I'm 35 years old." This may be viewed as goal setting, but in reality you may be selling yourself short! You may have reached that goal by the time you were 25, who knows?
  6. Peaceful Dolphin - Let's face it, things don't always go according to plan and that's okay! Your plan may be not be the best one anyway. As a matter of fact, going with the flow is good advice. When we relax, trust and release our pre-conceived notions we attain inner peace. And isn't that one of the most valuable assets we humans can possess? I'll close with one of my favorite sayings: God's plan works, your's doesn't!
(source from eHow - image from flickr, ffffound, flickr)

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