Monday, January 16, 2012

Bright Penthouse

Found! A fresh bright penthouse! The first image below really caught my eyes! Look at it and tell me what you think? I think the bright lights really make the room stunning. And the casual decor looks so cute, warm and friendly. I love something wide and white, all you need is just to put some colors here and there,'ll get yourself a stunning room. Below is a penthouse located somewhere in Stockholm, Sweden (source: 1kindesign).'s a Swedish decor. It seems that everything that has a Swedish touch can be so nice-looking decor, don't you think?

(all images via 1kindesign)


Cecilia said...

I really like interior designs like these that have that open and spacious feeling and bring in a lot of the natural bright light into the space. love it!

boya arsila said...

yes,'s the spacious feeling that brings out the best of this room =)