Friday, November 9, 2012

Virtual Break

Weekend is here =) Have you got any ideas what you're going to do on the weekend? My weekend, as always, is full of family time. It's a great opportunity to meet those family memebers you haven't got a chance to meet on the weekdays. And of course, on the weekend I always take a break from blogging and stuff. I think it's a good idea that we need to take a break from something once a while. I found this short article from HealthCentral regarding ways to a happier you. One of those ways is to take a virtual break. I think it can do us good considering that we will have more time to spend by doing other things. So, below is what "Take A Virtual Break" means according to HealthCentral. Have an amazing weekend everyone...

Take A Virtual Break
More than 30 percent of American adults spend at least seven hours a day looking at electronic screens.  It’s worth noting then that a recent study concluded that those who aren’t glued to technology are less stressed and more productive. Designate a time each day--perhaps an hour--when you will go “tech-free” and focus your attention on relaxation and organizing your thoughts.  If an hour seems long, consider the amount of time it takes to clean your home, go for a walk, or cuddle a pet.  

(article by HealthCentral - image source: skinnysticks.tumblr)


Rum-Punch Drunk said...

Always important to put the computer away and have a break. You'd be surprised how you return so refreshed and invigorated.

boya arsila said... refresh. I always feel that way too =)