Monday, March 4, 2013

Being Loved

Hi, it feels like ages ago since the last time I made posting. Last week was a busy week. I started to plan on my baby daughter 1st birthday party. My husband and I want it to be a great party since it'll be her first birthday party. So I went here and there to find things that we want to have on her big day. I hope all will go well on the big day. How was your weekend? Hope you all had a great time. At first I wanted to have a small intimate birthday party for my daughter but my husband disagreed. He said that it'll her first birthday so he wanted to have something special for her and I thought well maybe he's right, maybe we should have a special one. The most important thing is that my daughter will feel that she's being loved by everyone when everyone come to her special day. It's the feeling of being loved that cannot be replaced by anything else. Maybe my husband is's not the party but the feeling of love that my daughter will receive from everyone else =) Hope you are all being loved too...Have a great Monday

(image via weheartit)