Thursday, November 27, 2008

Love Scene

Have you seen the movie Love Actually?The setting was in UK...on Christmas season...probably it's the right time for you who hasn't watched this movie to see it. Not to mention to those of you who has already seen the movie. I've seen it hmmm more or less six times. And still love it. One of the scenes is this scene..In which a guy actually falls in love with a girl...who actually has been married to his bestfriend...The best part is when in the end after the girl kissed the guy...the guy says "Enough...enough now"


emeralda said...

boy. i've seen the "carol singer" scene fur at least 20 times . and always, i repeat, ALWAYS cry. hahaha.cengeng.i even made poem to that scene. hihih. i'll show it if you're interested. hehe.
kereen ih kita sama sukanya the exact same part of movie.bravo love actually!!

boya arsila said...

It really is a tear jerker scene! See..20 times and still crying=p Hebat banget deh emang itu scene-nya...Yup,bravo love actually!

emeralda said...

kindly check this out: mudah2an ga has been quite some time.shhissh.:

Love actually…

Beribu kata menjelma menjadi senyap..
Menguap sudah … tak terucap..
Ada yang lebur dalam tatap..
Sebagian bersembunyi di dalam gelap,
Sebagian larut bersama airmata…
Dan sisanya terserap dalam harap..

Ini pilu belum berlalu..
Melunturkan aku yang membisu..
di dalam pekatnya biru ..

Ini perih masih tinggal dan menanti ..
Hingga kamu yang datang ....
dan bawa aku pergi ..

[ Enough ... enough now ... ]

emeralda said...

it didn't end there... in another occasion, i was feeling kinda blue,i watched my fave movie and saw the scene (again)and suddenly feel like writing (again), and came out as trilogy-writing at a time! haha. kindly see below :

part 1

Like the rain gently pour.., pouring so light, slowly chill my wounded heart
And everything appears to be juz right,
But love shouldn’t have come to me today,tonite…..,
And since love hasn’t been there yet, in your heart…
Better hurry bring my love back before it’s torn apart..
For maybe there are things, not worth enough for you to fight….

part 2

When this blueblack sky is smiling overhead,
And you will soon be stranded upon your bed,
I will let stars shine and fire burns, and rain soaked tonite
Then I’ll try to hold on tight,
From falling too deep inside,
Baby good rest.. good nite

part 3

“For everything means nothing”
By the brightest shine to the weariest dark,
And already the unbreakable time sets us a part
Further than the furthest,
Then I once again hide

*i supposed you'd say 'enough' by now. hahaha. banyak yah boy. hebat kan dampak love actually pada diriku yang sedang broken heart at that time.ikhihihih. c u mwa mwaaa.;)*