Friday, November 28, 2008


Whatever you call'll still be my fave dairy product=)
Oh how I love yoghurt. The word yoghurt is derived from the Turkish, yoğurt, which literally means dense or thick. Every weekend, it's a must for me to buy my favourite frozen yogurt in town, Sour Sally. But it's also a must for me to have at least one cup of yogurt everyday..strawberry yogurt has always been my fave. Why do I like yoghurt? For sure because it's fat free (yeah!), has a low calorie, it's good for your digestion system, have other benefits more or less the same with milk, considering it's also a dairy product. I always order the same size of plain yoghurt but always change the fruits...strawberry, kiwi, banana, mango...maybe this week I'll try to mix it with lychee.

(images from flickr:crunchysoy, rhurab and raspberry , fruit and granola, trix for kids, refreshing, cinnamon banana, yoghurt soft )

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