Tuesday, December 2, 2008

what the glass is telling...

What's your point of view?
Some say it's half full..some say it's half empty...To be honest, most of the times I see the glass as half empty..oops..is it bad? But at least it's better than a 'Nihilist'.
When I see a glass of water, I always think that it's there for one main reason which is for people to drink it...not for people to fill it in (except for a caterer maybe=p). So, I thought it's half empty because someone has drank it..somebody has taken half part of the water not the other way round which is to fill the other half...Well, that's just one of my thoughts. But the picture below has given me broader view on how people perceive one similar thing. Hmm...I guess from this moment when someone asks me "How do you see the glass?'...For sure I'd say "Of course it half full" ha ha go on..go ahead..You can say I'm a Optimist wannabe =)

(image via free hugs)

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