Sunday, May 17, 2009

You are perfect..

Maybe you've noticed that lately I've been posting about the love I have with My boyfriend. Yes, these are the times when I can't stop saying how blessed I am for the relationship I have with my boyfriend. It's not the place where we go or what we're doing but it's the time I've spent just being beside him. Most of all, the best time when we're together is the time when we just fill the time doing nothing. Just lay down and talk about whatever comes up to our mind=) Whatever it is, I really hope that our love will grow stronger and what I want right now is only to LOVE always. So, if you're reading this, I Love You Mesza...always have, always will

A Perfect Day With You

As I sit here thinking of you,Which is something I often do,I think of how you make me feel inside.
Loving you brings to me such pride,I love you deeper then the earths core;
Yet every second I find myself loving you more.
I love your smile, your laugh, your touch; Your kisses awaken my saddened heart.
I wait to see you pull in the drive,After all these years I still get that tingle inside,
I lay beside you at night, my arms around you;It is the perfect way to end the day through.
To wake up beside you at the sound of the alarm,It is now me who is in your arms,
I start each day perfect with seeing your face, I end each day perfect with you in my embrace.
All the time in between while we're apart;I miss you terribly, but it is a perfect day,
For I carry you in my heart.

(poem by Angela Morrell from - images via justbesplendid.tumblr)


Rain said...

I truly happy for you! I have never really been in love before. I had a few boyfriends, but those were tumultuous relationships at best. Maybe one day, although I'm not sure I'm ready yet!

boya arsila said...

Thank you Rain..Believe me there's someone out there who's meant for you. I believe that each one of us is destined to be with someone, we just have to wait=)

Michelle "Lady Bug" said...

I hope when I get a boy friend that I have the same feeling you have with your boy friend.

boya arsila said...

of course you will Michelle=)

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