Monday, December 13, 2010

Morning Person..

Simple question: "Are you a morning person?". What will your answer be? I can say that I am a morning person. I wake up early to do a morning prayer and then I go back to sleep for an hour and I wake up when the sun just about to rise. I love the feeling of doing nothing and just to watch the black sky turn to gray and finally turn to a clear blue morning sky. It feels like walking into a different world. And what makes it better is when you are able to hear the bird singing in the morning. Such a fresh start to enter the new day. I love to neat the clutter in my house early in the morning so when everyone finally wake up, all the rooms are clean and neat. Therefore everyone can start their day in a good start just to see the house clean and neat. I hope this does not sound too cocky haha. However, on the weekends I also love to sleep a couple of hours longer =)

If you're not sure whether you're a morning person or not, take the quiz here. Just for fun and just to see whether you're a morning and night person. I took the quiz...and guess what, the results said that I am a morning person:

You Are a Morning Person

You're optimistic, alert, and full of energy to start the day.
While you would love to party all night, you rather be up at the crack of dawn.
You don't procrastinate or spend time worry about what to do next.
You take life by the reigns, and you like to have an early start.

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