Monday, September 26, 2011

Make you mantra..

Monday Happy Monday =) That's my mantra for today...Seems like many of us don't really like Monday, because it ends the weekend and also the beginning of all the hectic work days. But don't worry, there'll always be weekends coming up, right? So, how's your weekend? Mine was as usual...went to the cinema, went to try a new restaurant. Just simple but refreshing things. I once read on a website ( about saying a mantra. It says that when you say somekind of a "mantra", your thoughts and feeling will automatically be directed to the "mantra" you've thought and said over and over again. Here's what the paragraph tells you...

Find a mantra and say it out loud

The more we hear something, the more we internalize it and believe it, says Lombardo (author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription For Happiness). “This happens a lot with negative things, which is how strong, confident women can get into abusive relationships. Initially they don’t believe it when a guy says, ‘You’re nothing without me.’ But the more they hear it, the more they buy in.” Fortunately, you can use this same technique to pump yourself up. The key, says Lombardo, is choosing a mantra you want to believe. “It’s really individual,” she says. “Some people’s mantra might be ‘I believe in myself.’ But others might find that too corny.” Other ideas: “I’m fearless,” “I’m strong,” “I love myself.” Even if you don’t completely believe it now, keep saying it, says Lombardo. You will.

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