Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quiz time..

It's quiz time. This time it's for Grey's Anatomy Quiz, no it's not about the story of the TV series but it's just a quiz to find out about what type of man do you really like. Found this quiz on I love Grey's Anatomy, that's why I took this quiz. For those of you who never watched it, don't worry, the quiz has nothing to do with the movie. Take your quiz HERE. Here's my result. I can say that it's quite true =)

What you like:
The Chief is an honorable man. He commands everyone's respect and admiration. What you like about him is his ability to be loved and accepted by all. He's a true man of the world.

He's a paragon of righteousness, but behind his authoritarian airs, he is downright funny.

How Webber's charm works
What makes you fall for him is his gallantry: he is a true gentleman. His charisma rules the hospital in Seattle and your heart! The only problem is his excessive sense of responsibility: he'll always put his job first.

The man for you in real life

You need a man who protects you. A man who can make decisions, and leads his life with a firm hand. A gregarious and professional man. The perfect man? Not really, because his weak point is you.

You are a strong woman who knows how to be heard. You're independent and need a man of character and responsibility. The good thing is he'll love you all the more for standing up to him but the downside is that can result in some pretty epic rows.

Still the making up almost makes it all worthwhile.

(image source: here)