Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trusting Someone

For me, trust is a very small word with HUGE and DEEP meaning. It's not easy to truly trust someone and it' an easy thing to do to re-trust someone when the person has broke the trust between both of you. Don't you think so? Trusting someone needs big effort and sincere intention. If you don't feel like trusting someone fully, I say don't trust the person at all. That's what I think. Trusting someone is a 100% yes or no. There's no 50% trust and 50% no trust. That's what I think. Here's an article I found about how to trust someone from Secret Contents. The article is called "How To Trust Someone Truly". Happy reading =)

How To Trust Someone Truly

  • Trusting is a difficult task
Trusting is one of the products of loving. That is why it is considered a great feat that only few people do in their usual lives. To get it right to the point, to trust someone is to build trust with someone. This means you cannot trust somebody if you haven’t built a trust for him. Trust is something that we give. If we don’t possess trust, we cannot give trust. Hence, to trust a person is to build your trust first.

  • Trust is based on the truth
Remember that love rejoices in the truth and trusting is based on the truth. Therefore, we cannot trust based on confusions and unreasonable assumptions. Can we trust someone who is lying? Of course not! Can we trust someone whom we don’t know if he’s lying or he’s telling the truth? Still we cannot trust such person. We can only trust a person if we know that the truth is in him. Thus, we need to do extra efforts to find that truth in him. Everyone must bear in mind that seeking for the truth when there is confusion is not an act of distrusting, but rather it is an act of getting enthusiastic with the truth that builds trust.

  • Everyone wants to trust
Well, the fact is that everyone wants to trust. Who want to distrust and suffers confusion, worries, insecurities and other fruits of darkness? I believe no one does. Trusting is a great thing. It gives us a peaceful mind and a joyful feeling. It also makes us healthy and safe. So why are we always blaming people for not trusting us? I think we should blame them for not building their trust to us. Let’s also put some part of that blame to ourselves for not helping them to build their trust to us – as we don’t always make ourselves trustworthy.

  • How to create trust
We cannot share or give something we don’t have. So if we want to give trust, we must create it. To create such, we need to not just build it in our mouth, but also build it in all parts of ourselves. This means we also need to generate trust from our mind, heart and even from our hands. To build it in our minds, we should have answers on our questions. Thus, we need to be patient to always talk gently and listen carefully to gain knowledge and understanding. To produce trust in our hearts, we need to have true faith. This means we need to accept the knowledge and understanding that we got from our minds. To put trust in our hands, so that we can give and share that trust, we must act based on what our hearts have accepted.

  • Final thoughts
Trusting requires patience and hard work because it needs to be built within you. It is developed through acquisition of knowledge and understanding. It is established through acceptance in your heart. Finally, it is manifested through your actions. Trust is not an easy task. It must be founded based on love which always comes with patience, humility, perseverance and trueness. So if you want to trust someone truly, don’t give trust without building it first.

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