Monday, July 22, 2013


Serendipity, coincidences, similar path are those things that can lead us to somewhere we're supposed to be. Somehow there's always this thing that can make us do things we don't want to do but yet guided us to someplace we're supposed to be. I do believe in such things. Life is full of promises and full of ways to connect us with those things that can lead us to the path we're supposed to take. I found an interesting article on, it is about coincidence and how we can actually find signs that can lead us to the syncronicity of life. The article was written by John Holland, internationally renowned psychic. Below is the list of what he said to be the six tips to connect with synchronicities. 

Coincidence...Or Something More?
When the Divine nudges you.

SYNCHRONICITIES AND SO-CALLED coincidences are clear signs that the Divine Source is knocking at your door. Sometimes it could be a soft tap or for those times when you’re not really paying attention, it could be a louder bang!

When “source” uses synchronicity as a method of communicating, it can manifest itself in some pretty unique ways, which I call my divine nudges.
Have you heard the same phrase or saying from a number of different people in one day?
Do the same numbers keep showing up over and over in your life?
Has someone mentioned the same person you were just thinking of?
Have you met someone out of the blue who answered a question that you were just asking yourself?

These are all signals that you should pause, be open, and pay attention to these signs, but most important: to acknowledge that the source is trying to send you a message.

Here are six tips that will help you tap into and work with synchronicities:
  1. Pay attention to meaningful synchronistic events and coincidences. The more you do this, the more they will guide you.
  2. Notice when you run into people unexpectedly. Really listen to what’s being said in the conversation and the hidden message that could be there for you.
  3. If there’s a certain problem in your life, try to let it go and let synchronicity play its part.
  4. What you’re saying to the Divine Source is: “OK, show me! Let me be aware and act when the answer or guidance is being presented to me.”
  5. Get a journal and start recording any synchronistic events. This will allow your intuition to become even more aware when source is knocking on your door.
  6. Believe that Divine nudges are possible. A positive attitude enhances the experience, just as a negative attitude will shut it down.
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