Monday, February 1, 2010

One creative house

How do you imagine if you can have your dream house? With a pool? With a garden and fountain? By the lakeside? Here's one idea that you can use as inspiration. I got this amazing house from The Coolist. The house project is called The T House designed by Marc Topilsky. The house is located at a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel. I really like the idea on locating a pool in between two rooms in a house. It is a really creative idea. You know why the house has a center pool? It turns out that the house is owned by two sisters. So the pool is located in the middle as a divider or maybe a place that both sisters can share. Now, that's a really god idea. Love it


Cathy said...

Oh wow. When can I move in :)?

boya arsila said...

when can we both move in? haha =)