Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Would you like to build your own ice cream..?

Who doesn't like ice cream..? I believe everyone likes it..young people..old people..everyone! It is sweet..smooth..delicious.When you're happy, u wants ice cream...when u're sad and down,you will look for an ice cream as your company.After all, for cream can definitely sooth my mood and bring happiness. I consider myself as an ice cream lover...In my city, there are thre ice cream outlets that ofer the same concept of ice cream for the customers. Those are Cold Stone Creamery, Cold Rock Ice Cream and The Cream & Fudge Factory.
I've done a survey for myself in which I tested those three ice cream outlets. The three outlers offer the same concepts in which We can choose our own mixture of ice cream. This means that we get to choose our own flavour (of course!),next we can choose the waffle flavour, after that we can choose the mix/topping such as fruits,candy,cookie,nuts,fudge and others. The last thing is that we get to choose whether we want our ice cream to be entirely mix with the topping or not...They all have marble stone to mix our chosen flavour with the mix-in that we've chosen. Finally..your own ice cream is served....Of all the three outlets....I have chosen Cold Stone Creamery of having the best flavour, 2nd on the list is a tie between The Cream&Fudge Ice cream and Cold Rock Ice cream...The Cream and Fudge Ice cream for having many varieties of the ice cream mix combo (which makes it easier for you to pick ur flavour), although for me Cream&Fudge is a bit too sweet...Cold rock for the best flavour I've tested so far..Honeycomb!!But the similarities is the super smooth ice cream that melt in your mouth perfectly. Try it for yourself and Enjoy your own ice cream flavour..made on your request.

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