Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dress up..

I am now currently obsess with this fashion website called LOOKLET. It's not just a regular or a common fashion site but it's more than that. You can get lots of information about the newest fashion and style plus you get a chance to dress up the models based on your own fashion sense and taste. Isn't it great?

Here are some fashion mix of the that I have made. My user name is be-splendid.
You only need to sign up and you can dress up as many models as you like. Other users can see your dressed up models, they can even put a "heart" likes and also comments for your style of they find yours is wonderful. So, want to give it a try? Try's so simple it's like choosing clothes from your own closet.


Rainbow said...

yeah, when i first know this website, i'm like, "wow! so amazing!" I can't stop playing with this website at that time. lol...

boya arsila said...

me too..most of the time I have to force myself to stop playing it or else I will play all day ha ha