Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weird, cool, awesome or unique?

What do you think about this high heel asymmetric wedge? Weird, cool, awesome or unique? Heart it or hate it? I kinda caught in between cool and weird. It is cool in a way that it combines 2 types of shoes...high heel and wedges. Don't you think that's cool? But I see the weird model too, imagining how am I going to walk on it. But I love the pastel colors though. Here are what people on Tumblr said about the shoes whether it is a thumb up or down? Most of them said it's a thumb DOWN...
  1. shanelleee answered: mmm kinda both
  2. paulinhapbgb answered: really down
  3. shortfuse answered: “fuck shoes”
  4. whypeax answered: Up!
  5. jomellalane answered: down!
  6. shiftwspace answered: Down
  7. abeautifulsystem answered: thumbs down sorry
  8. obscurafilms answered: down.
  9. pureness answered: down
  10. reginasworld answered: up
  11. intrimitida answered: up!
  12. chekainnah answered: thumbs up :)
  13. winkywho answered: thumbs down..what’s with making it chunkier?
  14. she-smiles answered: down.
  15. niinaa-xo answered: down
  16. kate-kate-kate answered: all the way down
  17. sammyfreeman answered: um, down.
  18. omgitsdana answered: Dowwwwwn. :(
  19. ms-sikinos answered: thumbs up. Cool!
  20. gypsyplaythings answered: down
  21. wordsofmydiary answered: down :/
  22. detektif-riang-gembira answered: thumbs up…very tempting to try hehehhehe
  23. rar22 answered: Like the sneaker/heel idea, but lose the wooden sole…
  24. nb808 answered: down. be a wedge. or be a pump. but don’t try to be both. Lack of identity is not cute
  25. karennnsays answered: down
  26. puddingandpiee answered: downn!!!
  27. piscatory answered: up!
  28. luckysparkify answered: down
  29. ccchellesss answered: down
  30. livinglifeinspired answered: thumbs sideways
  31. xnerdychic answered: down
  32. clichecalledcampbell reblogged this from justbesplendid
  33. midorixmurasaki answered: up!!
  34. linalala answered: down
  35. suenosdepapel answered: down for me….
  36. ladybubble answered: down. :)
  37. adrianadanielle answered: ow
  38. miskayl answered: fugly
  39. dailyshotatlife answered: UP.
  40. dailyglow answered: I have just consumed a half bottle of wine, so anything goes, but this….I think would always be awesome regardless of the scenario.
  41. karenyambao answered: fashionista who could pull off EVERYTHING…. then UP! Everybody else, DOWN.
  42. fongelias answered: down
  43. aprilisover answered: way down
  44. chasingdevils answered: down
  45. seesuestitch answered: thumbs down
  46. adreamisawish answered: down
  47. rosesonraindrops answered: s’okay
  48. azyzmy answered: UP
  49. leannehoppe answered: downnn.
  50. 90chic answered: down. What a schizophrenic shoe
  51. inruins answered: down :(
  52. moniqueeeboop answered: sooo down
  53. xhinyj answered: down…
  54. evolution-in-motion answered: down.thats not a shoe, its a trainwreck.
  55. heavy-wings answered: down
  56. honeyandtar answered: up
  57. alissajelly answered: I would say thumbs up(: Even though they aren’t too wearable :P
  58. valeriepua answered: down D; too much going on. My opinion.
  59. gleams28 answered: thumb up :)
  60. xgenelxox answered: thumbs up!!
  61. inspiredbylove answered: downnn :/
  62. maudelynn answered: Down
  63. aristokatcy answered: Up!
  64. jenehey answered: down
  65. mydearlover answered: Down.
  66. foryourentertainment answered: down
  67. inletwavescrashing answered: wayyy down