Thursday, June 10, 2010

Good Fortune..

Good fortune. I'm absolutely sure everyone wants it. A fortune that can do good to your life. Just the same as luck, it can happen to anyone, not only the lucky people but I believe that we can make our own luck. What can we do to make good fortune come to us? Below is the article about secret principles of good fortune from Good Life Zen. Have you ever heard about you, writing your own life story? I believe it's possible because you control your own life. And that also means that you can make your own good fortune..

3 Secret Principles of Good Fortune

1. Create good fortune for others

Most people think of getting and having as a key to good fortune. That’s like thinking that you are the center of the universe and you expect good things to flow towards us from all sides. In my experience that’s not what creates good fortune. The secret is to turn your thinking around and consider what others need. And then to take action.

The first principle of good fortune is to enable good fortune for others where you can.

2. Meet good fortune half way

As I said before, I tend to be fortunate. And – boy – do I work hard for that good fortune! My sense is that we need to meet good fortune half way. That is, we have to put our heart and soul into a venture, to do our utmost. That effort attracts good fortune. It’s not enough to dream big, visualize outcomes, or set goals. In the end what counts is hard work. If I look at the instances where I have not had good fortune in my life, it was in areas that I wasn’t passionate about, and didn’t really put a lot of research and hard work into.

The second principle is to meet good fortune half way

3. Be positive

Good fortune comes to those who are positive. If you’re a whinger or a whiner, you may be keeping good fortune at bay, instead of inviting it into your life. Whatever you see as ‘the story of my life’ is going to come true. So, if story about your life is that you always draw the short straw – that’s how it’s going to be in the future. If, like me, the story of you life is that you tend to be fortunate – then that’s going to shape the rest of your life.

The third principle of good fortune is to keep a positive attitude.

(source from goodlifezen - image sources: flickr, beggi)