Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank You note..

There is always time to say thank you even when we're having a bad moment. We have to learn to say those gratitude or say thank you from Leah Dieterich. She has done amazing works on making "a thank you note" a day. We can see that even in a bad situation, there's always a goodness hiding somewhere. Here are some of her works, you can see all the rest here.


Lynnylu said...

Regarding the link above-While I appreciate your interest in my photo and recipe, could you please state that the photo and recipe came from Cafe Lynnylu? Your friends who reblog my photo and recipe give you credit for the post.

Anonymous said...

the thank you list is amazing!! It's a very nice idea we should all consider.

boya arsila said...

Hi Lynnylu,

I have put the credit on the image on the post=)

boya arsila said...

Hi Bobbi...yes indeed it's a great idea =)