Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be a Champion

Here's a question: Champions were born or made? I believe there will always be two sides of argument about this. What's more important than arguing whether champions were born or made is this: How to make yourself a champion every single day? That's what I think is more important to be thought. Can we make each of us a champion every time we open our eyes every morning? Sure we can. Champion is not only physical condition but you have to think yourself as a champion too. Found this amazing reading on School For Champions. Read it and you can be a champion everyday .

Five questions

Ask yourself the following questions every day:

  1. What am I thankful for today?
  2. What did I learn today?
  3. Where did I do a good job?
  4. Who was I valuable to today?
  5. How did I take care of myself today?

What am I thankful for?

Character includes being honest, honorable, and appreciative. It is giving fair return for what you receive and not taking what isn't yours. I've moved thanks to a diff

erent ar

ea, just as I've moved helping people.

Appreciating what you have and receive enlightens your spirit and shows your character. A person who is thankful is often a person who is good.

You can be thankful for such little things as:

  • I'm thankful that had a good breakfast this morning
  • I'm thankful that my leg doesn't hurt any more
  • I'm thankful that I have some good friends

What did I learn?

You should be able to learn something every day, no matter how old you are. Observe and be curious. There is so much to learn in life.

There are many things you learn:

  • I learned a better way to use the Internet browser
  • I learned where I can buy clothes on sale
  • I learned a new skill at work

Where did I do a good job?

Doing high quality work in what you do is important to you and to others. This includes improving the way you do things.

Look at good areas and where you can improve:

  • I did a good job on my homework
  • I did my best in painting the fence, but I could improve
  • I was very thorough in cleaning out the garage

Who was I valuable to?

Helping others get what they want makes you valuable. This includes taking an interest in what someone has to say, being friendly, and being considerate.

There are many situations in which you have been val

uable to others:

  • I was valuable at work by helping the company make a profit
  • I was valuable to my little daughter by playing with her
  • I was valuable to the checkout clerk by being frien dly to her

How did I take care of myself?

Taking care of yourself means that you made an effort to be healthy. You may have eaten healthy foods, exercised, or avoided abusing your body with bad substances.

Check on how well you have taken care of yourself:

  • I took care of myself by avoiding eating those greasy--but tempting--bacon strips
  • I took care of myself by doing some moderate exercise today
  • I took care of myself by washing my hands before eating

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