Monday, October 11, 2010

An Amazing Weekend...

Hi everyone =) How's your weekend? Mine was so amazing. I had a wonderful weekend. I went lunch on this very cute restaurant and went to a really big rock concert and just yesterday I had a hot stone massage. It was all a blast. Really was a refreshing weekend for me. It was able to give me lots of new energy to start a new week. Here are some of the pictures of the things I did on the weekend.

Before going to the concert, I had lunch at this really nice small restaurant called "Ketjil Kitchen". "Ketjil" in my language means "small", so "ketjil kitchen" means "small kitchen". The restaurant has only less than 50 seats but it was really lovely. The ambiance and the decor really makes you feel as if you're at home. The food was delicious and the dessert I had was so yummy, it was apple crumble =)

When the lunch was done, I went straight to the Java Rockin' Land Concerts. This year was my second time going to the concert. Last year I had a chance to watch the live performance of Third Eye Blind. This time there were three bands on the show - Dashboard Confessional, Arkarna and Stereophonics. If I could describe those bands in one word, I would say AMAZING!!!!

Hope your weekend was wonderful too =)

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