Friday, November 5, 2010

Are you HAPPY?

I posted an image on my Tumblr (click Here) and ask other people a question related to the image. I give it three hours to wait for those who want to give an answer to the question. The reason I popped out this question is because it's Friday, I just wanted to know whether most people are in the state of their happy feelings or not, since it's Friday and weekend is coming=) Below is the image...And the question is:

Be honest...are you HAPPY now?

And here are the answers:

  1. pandaboohoo answered: YESSSSS
  2. shutupyouporkpie answered: nope
  3. gumpypopsyourhead answered: im super happy, :)
  4. starlightsnow answered: Yes. :)
  5. shewearscrown answered: NO. so-so.
  6. ianheartegan answered: im happy now ! ;)
  7. chillinglikeice answered: no
  8. zeechipmunk answered: YES!!!
  9. jocelynstone answered: Blissfully - are you?
  10. -vivacity- answered: YES! I can feel my baby girl kicking!!
  11. mycuptoftea answered: not really
  12. itsredsummer answered: nope
  13. adulter-ated answered: yes! sometimes life is tough and it throws the strangest challenges at me. so sometimes i am sad. but underneath it all.. there’s happy :)
  14. obscurafilms answered: i don’t know.
  15. yogirlpris answered: NO evil hw
  16. lilharv answered: extremely! :)
  17. rachteng answered: Not at all.
  18. walkingpipebomb answered: no
  19. abbinormal answered: Yes, very happy
  20. peaceoutyall answered: yes
  21. heyhoiloveyou answered: No ):
  22. keepsmehappy answered: right now, yes. :)
  23. naranjas answered: No :( !!
  24. awayinahotairballoon answered: not in the least.
  25. earlyseptember answered: yes ^^
  26. ten-thousandfireflies answered: yes i am
  27. carlalalurve answered: no. not really. :\
  28. yes-ipromised answered: Finding the ways to be happy.
  29. reblogwhor3 answered: Most definitely :)
  30. thekiss thatcantrenew answered: im on the phone with him….this is the ONLY time i’m happy :)
  31. projectcloneeve answered: happiest!
  32. streaks answered: no, not really :(
  33. rachelralaloe answered: yes
  34. lysa-chomel answered: not really..
20 people answered YES, 11 said NO, 4 people Don't Know and 1 said "finding ways to happiness". How about you? I hope you're always happy=) For those who answered "No" or "Not really"...Here's a HUG for you and may the unhappiness feelings be gone soon and hope you'll be happy. Have a good weekend =)