Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tiny Apartment

I have always wanted to have big house. I guess it's because I grow up in this huge house that my parents built long before I was born. So, it's seems like a good thing for me to be able to have space of my big room with my queen size bed, my own big closet and so on. But then I found this amazing tiny apartment on Yahoo! Green. It changes the way I think to always want a big house or apartment. What so special about this apartment is that it has 24 rooms! Can you believe that? How can you fit or build 24 rooms in one tiny apartment. Now I believe that it's not how big your house is but it's about how you can manage to have all the rooms that you need in one place called matter how small it is..a home is always the best place =) You can see the image and the video below..

(article by By Matt Hickman, Mother Nature Network via Yahoo! Green - image Yahoo! Green)


Mike Nash said...

Did you end up getting your big house? Or did you settle for small? Sad the video you posted is gone. Would have been great to see it.

PS.. When is your birthday? And do you know your Birthday Mates?

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