Thursday, November 18, 2010

What U Want..What U Need

Last time, I made a posting about Want vs Need (click here to read the posting). On the posting, I put some images that differentiate about need and want from RecoveringLazyHolic. Here are some of the images.
Look at the images above...don't you all totally agree on what it says? Sometimes we have to differentiate between what we need and what we want. What we want doesn't necessarily is the thing that we need. Most of the time, we ended up not using the things we bought just because we want it...not because we need it. Now, here some part of an article from EzineArticles with the title of Want Vs Need - The Difference Between Wanting and Needing written by Dwayne Gilbert. Hoping that after reading the article, we can now all be able to differentiate between need and want..

There is a huge difference between wanting what you want and needing what you want, and both are just emotional states that you need to be aware of. If you are on the path toward attracting what you want, you must be careful not to allow yourself to slip into the negative emotional state of neediness. There is a horrible and vicious mindset among humans that many of the things we have we need when in reality, there are only a few things we actually need and the rest are things we want. There is nothing wrong with wanting, however, allowing yourself to believe that you need something will only stop you from getting it.

We must know what we want, and we must have a passion to have what we want. There is nothing wrong with having this passion or the desire to have it. The problem for many people though is that they fall into a mindset of neediness. A mindset of neediness will not get us what we want. In fact, it will begin to push it away making it harder and harder for us to have what it is we desire. When working with the law of attraction, we need to have a burning desire for what we want. This is the emotional driver that brings those things we desire closer to us. Our ability to put positive emotion into our visualizations as well as strong, powerful passion into acquiring is in direct relationship to our getting what it is we want. We need to remember not to take it to seriously though. Wanting is a very powerful thing, but becoming so attached to what we want only causes emotional distress.

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