Monday, January 3, 2011


Happy New Year! That is one perfect greeting for this early January for all of you =) How did you spend your new year's eve? Whatever it was, hope you had an amazing one. I spent my new year's eve with my loved one and families at home. We were talking, laughing, eating (of course!), cooking and on the countdown we were all at the window watching fireworks and all of a sudden we all saw a meteor! That was one amazing night.

So, what's your plan for this new year? Any particular thing you're going to do on the year 2011? With or without resolutions, life must go on according to plan. Although some things might turn up the other way round. But we all have to be prepared for all the things that might happen. That's the beauty of life, you can never know what's gonna happen until it actually happens. As for me, I am going to spend this whole year with love and happiness! As always =) Cheers for new year, new beginning, fresh start...a time to make things better and another period to make new plans and journey....Have a great 2011 -xoxo-

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