Monday, March 7, 2011

Ride on...

Life is an emotional roller coaster. I am sure positively it is. No one can be happy all the time and no one can be sad all the time. It's all about balancing feelings and emotions. You will never know what it feels like to be happy if you don't know how it feels like to be sad, and vice versa. So, imagine that you're riding in a roller coaster of life, full of ups and downs..highs and lows...what is the best thing you can do? For sure the best thing you have to do is to buckle up..hold tight and just go along with the ride. There's no way you can stop it and it's impossible for you to jump. Therefore, you might as well enjoy the ride although it is okay for you to be afraid or scared at some point of the roller coaster ride. That's what life is about. The last moments of my life has been like a roller coaster ride. I've gone through a mixture of emotion and feelings. There were times that I feel happy, there were sad moments, there were times when I feel so worried about things and there were also times when I feel like disappointing some people and feel like being offended by some people. It's all there...different kinds of feeling and emotion. But I do know and I do realize that those things I've gone through are there to make me stronger or even to make me be thankful (when I'm at my happy moments). I know that certain thing happen for a certain reason. We are living in a world in which we can't control what other people are doing or will do to us. But for sure we are responsible for our own actions that will lead to our emotions and feelings. Whatever it is, we just have to go through with a positive attitude and surely the moment will pass you by. And in the end, you'll be the one carrying a big bag full of experience of emotions and feelings...

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