Friday, October 12, 2012

10 Emotions...

It's been a shile since the last time I post something about emotion. Emotion changes often, don't you think so? One minute you can be happy and the next minute you can be sad. Although it all depends on the situation you're facing. I came acrross this website, Self Improvement Mentor, and found an article about the list of emotions we should be able to raise everyday. I never thought about those emotions before, I thought emotions are there as the result of our feelings but the more I thought about it, maybe it is right about those emotion list below. I think that it's important for us to be able to find those emotions and to really feel the emotions below to develop ourselves better. The list was created by Tony Robbins, an American self-help author. So, what are those emotions? Here is the list. Have a great weekend =) 

Top success coach Tony Robbins identified 10 power emotions that we should cultivate daily in his wonderful book Awaken the Giant Within. The 10 power emotions are ; 
  1. Love & Warmth 
  2. Appreciation & gratitude 
  3. Curiosity – then you can grow and learn through life 
  4. Excitement & passion 
  5. Determination 
  6. Flexibility 
  7. Confidence – through the power of faith 
  8. Cheerfulness – there is a big difference in being happy inside, and showing it outside. It enhances self esteem, makes life more fun, make others happier 
  9. Vitality – if you don’t take care of your body, it’s hard to take care of your emotions 
  10. Contribution

(article source: - image source: favim)


Courtney at RRI said...

Hey Boya! I don't know if you've had the chance to actually read Awaken the Giant Within, but you should give it a shot if you're interested in learning more not only about the 10 power emotions but a ton more.

Also, if you enjoy exploring and learning more about emotions and our motivators, you should swing by Tony Robbins' Facebook page -

You have a great weekend too! :)

boya arsila said...

thank you for the precious info =) will surely read Awaken The Giant Within =) Have a great day ..

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