Friday, January 25, 2013

Being a Mother

The last three days I was not feeling well. I had a gastric problem. It's a common gastric problem in which the gatric acid level raises. It feels so uncomfortable and I feel so very sick. I can feel the pain on my stomach, nausea, dizzy and much more all in one time. But when you're a mother of a child, the worst thing when you're sick is that you can't fully take care of your child. It's so sad hat I can't really play full time with my baby daughter due to being sick. I went to the doctor and took all the medicine that the doctor prescribed for me. And everytime I took the medicine, I keep having this positive thinking that this pain will go soon and soon I will be able to play and take care of my baby daughter again full time. Somehow the positive thinking about being well works. Finally on the third day of me being sick, I can sleep well. And waking up this morning feeling much much better than the days before. I think it's a natural feeling of being a mother that when you're not feeling well, you have to get up and say to yourself that everything's going to be fine =) Have a great weekend...

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