Friday, October 9, 2009

10 things men don't like about women..

How do you feel when reading the title of this post? Curious? I know I do. Well, we all know that women are from Venus and men are from Mars. Woman is a total opposite of man. But I like the idea that a couple should be different somehow. Why? Because I think by knowing other people who are somewhat different from us may actually open our eyes that there are various people with different types of personalities out there. And when talking about man and woman relationships, here are the list of 10 things that men don't like about women...Let's find out whether each and every point is true=)

    A man hates when a woman starts asking questions about everything, they dont go to the point, they like to play around with questions, to see if they can get you to confess something you did, its often known as trick questions, and only a few man know their way out of a non-stop questionaire of a woman.

    Is there a thing a guy hates is waiting, guys have no patience what so ever, especially when is time to go out and a woman spends hours changing clothes and trying different stuff, a man hates when a woman takes time for every little action they take.

    Men dont like when woman treat them as another girlfriend or talk about feelings with them, men dont like to be treated as emotional support.

    Guys dont like when a women ask them for opinions especially when is girl related, examples are DO I LOOK FAT IN THIS? SHOULD I WEAR THIS ONE OR THIS ONE? and those are the most commons and most hated ask questions from women to men.

    Men hate when a women uses sex as a weapon, when they want to get something out of the man, or use excuses to punish a man by not having sex, that is one of the most hated it things known to men.

    Shopping with a girl has to be one of the worst punishments a guy could get, they simply cannot decide for anything, and they have to try every single piece to see if they like it, men do not have the patience for this and we including me know that 24 hours is not enough for a woman to go out and buy a pair of panties.

    Women are natural talkers, they can spend hours and hours talking non-stop about the same thing, and men hate this, they simply cannot stand a woman go on and on and on about something, specially when they talk about themselves.

    Men don't like a woman criticizing or judging another woman, we think is unnecessary and treat other women as rivals or criticize other women's clothes, shoes and pretty much anything they dont like on them.

    This another most hated things from women known to men, the silent treatment is a stage a girl uses to not talk or even look at you while you try to talk or explain something to them, its like a man doesnt exist to them and it could go on for days.

    Is there one thing we men hate is the women's good memory to bring back past mistakes we men made, they can remember the details and every time a discussion happens they bring it up to make you miserable and make you remember every mistake you have done in the past year.

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