Monday, October 12, 2009

Cool gadget..

Wow..these are two really cool kitchen gadgets. Have you ever find it hard to measure the quantity of the vegetables, meat, flour and other things while cooking? If you do, this kitchen equipment might help you a lot. The main idea of this equipment is to combine an electronic scale and a cutting board into a single unit. Isn't it a very smart idea? I really think so. You can put the sliced vegetable into the ring to display the weight timely. For sure it will save time and you will enjoy more of your cooking time.

This second kitchen equipment is the chopping board. Chopping board is a very useful kitchen stuff. You can really use it to cut anything and anytime. What's so special about this chopping board is the installed magnet on it. Here's what you can do:
Put the chopping board on the table, the middle is for cutting while the two sides of the board are installed magnet, which could joint other two vessels to the chopping board, one side for the needed while another side for the unneeded. Having finished chopping, it would be quite easily for us to put the vegetables inside the vessel into the dishes or put into the pot for cooking directly.

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