Monday, October 19, 2009

Being confident..

Do you consider yourself as a confident person? Have you ever felt shy in certain situation? If I am being asked this question, I will say that I am a confident person. I am really sure about that. Why? Actually I don't know the reason of it, but I know that when I walk into a room I've never been before, or when I'm about to meet new crowd/group of friends, I always feel confident. I believe that making yourself be a confident person, even if you're actually not really that confident, will make you feel confident in the end. Because it's the thought of confident that will make you feel that you can walk with your chin up. Here are some tips about how to look and feel confident. I like the idea on Graciousness & Awareness

Five Tips to Look (and Feel) Confident (By Vanessa Bader)

You walk into the dinner party and all eyes are on you. You’re standing tall, have a smile on your face and everyone is intently listening to what you have to say ... and then you wake up. The ability to make heads turn is something most of us have fanaticized about, but in reality, how many of us can actually command a room? Check out these tips to look confident and get noticed in every room you want.
  1. Awareness - Awareness of the way you present yourself is the first and the most important secret to taking the steps towards making great first impressions and being sure you linger in their minds long after you left. An acute awareness of your posture and your body language is what is going to make all the difference.
  2. Good Posture - Your posture is often influenced by your emotions, which means if you are feeling intimidated or shy, you might drop your chin, hunch your shoulders forward and avoid eye contact. This is a dead giveaway that you are not feeling comfortable and chances are that others will feel just as uncomfortable in your presence. The posture of a self-confident, poised person is upright and proud, chin lifted, chest open and quite often a smile. Even when you are feeling slightly intimidated, if you can master the self-assured stature, you will immediately start feeling more confident. In other words … you can affect your mood or emotions by simply changing your posture. Spend a few minutes in front of the mirror and make yourself aware of what your confident stature looks and feels like.
  3. Graciousness - One of the greatest secrets to being remembered in a positive light is to be gracious. We often get into the habit of asking, “How are you?” but how often do we pay attention to the answer? By being sincerely interested in the other person, and greeting in a genuinely friendly way, you can be sure to get noticed and remembered.
  4. Eye contact - How many times have you gone on a date or sat in a meeting where you felt like you were not included in the conversation, or the other person is simply distracted or disinterested? By maintaining eye contact with the person you are conversing with, you give them the feeling that you are totally engaged and interested. If you are talking to a group, make sure to make eye contact with every single person there if possible, because you will make them feel included and significant. This establishes that you are confident and in control of the conversation.
  5. Sincerity - Now remember, you can do all this—have the self-awareness, the great posture, be gracious and maintain eye contact, but if there is no real sincerity behind your actions, people will look right through you. Believe what you say and others will too.
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