Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Best moments in life..

What are the best moments in life? I;m sure every one of us has different answers and opinions about that. I personally think that the best moment in life is when you can feel the love surrounding you, that's the serious one. The less serious one hmm let me guess...the best moment in life is when you're craving for a dessert and you can find your fave cake=) I hope that one can be included ha ha. Here are some of the moments in life that surely can bring the best moments...

      • To fall in love.
      • To have a child.
      • To laugh until it hurts your stomach.
      • To find mails by the thousands when you return of the vacations.
      • To manage for a vacation at some pretty place.
      • To listen to your favorite song in the radio.
      • To go to bed and to listen while it rains out.
      • To leave the shower and find that the towel is warm.
      • To clear your last exam.
      • To receive a call from someone, you don't see a lot, but you want to.
      • A good conversation.
      • To find money in a pant that you didn't use last year.
      • To laugh at oneself. Calls at the midnight that last for hours.
      • To laugh without reasons. To hear accidentally that somebody says something good of you.
      • To wake up and realize it is still possible to sleep a couple of hours.
      • To hear a song that makes you remember a special reason.
      • To make new friends.
      • To be part of a team.
      • The first kiss.
      • To feel butterflies in the stomach every time that you see that person.
      • To have your back rubbed to sleep by some one you love.
      • To pass a while with your best friends. To see people that you like, feeling happy.
      • To use a sweater of the person that you like. See an old friend again and to feel that the things didn't change.
      • To look at an evening.
      • To have somebody that tells you that he/she loves you

(source from Berro - images via tumblr, flickr and flickr)

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