Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shutting dow the negativity

Many of my friends are annoyed by the negative thoughts they have in their mind. In fact, just a day ago, a friend of mine called me because of having those negative thoughts in her mind about things that I think she shouldn't be worried about. I told her to get rid of those bad thoughts and try to think about something more useful. She was aware that the thoughts started to bug her in a way that she can't kept the negative thoughts away, even just for a moment.

It is not easy I know. It is known that people tend to have negative thoughts on their mind. But different people have different degree on how they kept going on thinking of the negative thoughts. I bet no one will fall into a negative hole, right? I am sure that everyone prefers to swim in the ocean of positive thought and optimism. Here's an article on how to close your negative thoughts. It can be hard for some people or it can be easy for other people. Whatever it is, it is worth to try. My favorites are point 3 and 4.

Shutting Negativity Out of Your Life

(By Bree Davis)

  1. If you really want to rid yourself of these people, you've got to make a mental list of who specifically is adding to any unhappiness you may be feeling. These are the people you should cut out from your life.
  2. Once you've identified these people, it's time to start shutting them out. Avoid their phone calls and stop meeting them for happy hour after work. You can make up excuses if you happen to run into them unexpectedly, but they'll eventually get the hint and stop calling you.
  3. Negativity isn't solely perpetuated by negative friends, negative music and television can be just as detrimental to you overall happiness. Avoid these types of programs and opt for more uplifting music and television.
  4. Books can also be a source of negativity. If you are constantly reading about unhappy, negative fictional characters then if may be affecting your mood. Again, opt for more uplifting and encouraging reading materials. Comedy is always a great option as well.
  5. Avoid negative activities. Bars specifically cater to negative people. When people are unhappy and negative they often turn to alcohol for a lift. You don't want to become one of these people and you don't want to encounter this type of person, so avoid going out and drinking on a regular basis. Find other avenues for socialization. Joining a book club or taking a class is a great way to meet others who are working towards personal fulfillment and happiness.

(Article Source: EzineArticles.com - images from flickr and here)


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