Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Are you a morning person? Not exactly the one who wakes up early in the morning but more into the one who love to greet the brand new day. Don't you thin it's a blessing to wake up everyday to a new day, to get a chance to see the sunrise and what's more important is to make new possibilities in life. Here's something for your morning thought. Each day is another paper on your book called life. You can write anything you want on it. If something turns out not the way you want it to be, don't worry...you'll have another brand new day tomorrow. New Set of Possibilities

Somewhere out past where you're now comfortable, there's a pleasant surprise. Beyond what you already know you can do, there are exciting and fulfilling and new things you'll be able to do.

There's a very short distance between what you think you can do and what you don't think you can do. That distance is the size of just one thought. Once you decide that it is possible for you, it is possible for you. Once you have the thought that it can be done, it can be done.

The world you experience is contained within the world you expect to experience. Expect more, and suddenly a whole new set of possibilities will open up to you. Ask yourself what you would like to be able to expect. Then go ahead and bring your expectations in line with your desires.

Each day is an opportunity to grow beyond yourself while at the same time more fully expressing your authentic self. Touch your highest vision, expect it to happen, and you'll surely see your way there.

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