Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First year...

I didn't realize that it's been a year since I first started my blog. It was September 1st that day when I posted my first posting. I decided to have a blog accidently. At that time I was really into design and decor. And I was always browsing on those things when I ended up in reading many blogs about design and decor. I thought blogging would be difficult but I gave it a shot anyway. Just to see if I can catch up with learning blog by myself. Other than that I was thinking about having some place where I can freely express what's on my mind. So, here it is my lovely "b-splendid".

The reason why I named it "b-splendid" is because I always love the word "splendid". And the "b" of course is my initial and can also mean "be". I'm trying to ask everyone just to be splendid anytime anywhere. And hopefully I will always be able to make the blog more and more splendid from day to day. Here are my headings since the first time my blog started..
(This was my first headers, so very simple. I made this really quick ha ha)

(This is my second header, better than the first one I believe. It took a while for me to decelop this header)

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