Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's dance baby..

Oh My God..Have you seen this? A baby dance when watching Beyonce's song, All the single ladies . It's so funny. The baby looks so serious doing the dancing, I love it when the baby moves the hands and the legs, it's as if the baby is the real back up dancer of Beyonce=) Check this out..So adorable!


MyFunnyBabyVideos said...

Ha ha, yes that's really cute.
You can check out other funny baby "best of" videos by clicking through my name - Enjoy.

My favorite is Baby Mr Bean...

boya arsila said...

Ha ha..the video is so cute and funny..I always love to see baby eats something can always make me laugh out loud=) Thank U for the video..and thank you for the Mr.Bean Baby=p

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